7 Most tragic incident that ever occurred in the Elevator

7 Most tragic incident that ever occurred in the Elevator: Vertical transport freight elevator is used to transport people or goods. Lift is commonly used in high-rise buildings, typically more than three or four floors.

Buildings usually have only a lower stairs or escalators. The elevators in the modern era has buttons that can be selected according to the passengers their destination floor.

There are three types of machines, ie Hydraulic, Traxon or fixed pulley, and Hoist or double pulley, hoist type can be subdivided into two parts, the hoist hoist push and pull.

Elevator accidents are usually caused by the setting or the lack of elevator installation inspected by the building owner, or user who fails to lift yourself (climb out of the elevator jammed) or even misfortune lift users (their scarves caught in elevator doors closing).

However, we still have to be vigilant and cautious when using this device. Because if not, you are likely to experience tragic events follows.

A. Isaac Jordan

Isaac Jordan has a unique difference from other members of Congress who died in an elevator accident. He died in 1890, when Jordan stopped at the entrance to the elevator and turned to greet a friend.

As he was conversing with his friend with his back to the elevator door, he did not see the lift that had gone upstairs with the door still partly open. With a quick movement, with his back to the elevator door he stepped into an open elevator shaft and fell to the bottom of the elevator.

2. Pennsylvania Institute of Electrical Mechanical

Seventeen young people from the floor of the building using the elevator to the sixth floor. When they came, the elevator suddenly stopped after then plunged from the sixth floor to the first floor. Tons of elevator cables and crashed into the elevator assembly to fall below it.

When people are having a party to hear the voice, they hurried to the elevator. Four bodies were pulled from the wreckage and taken to the morgue. Their bodies were destroyed, and the officials had difficulty until they could be identified.

They can only be identified by the clothes they wear. Survivors is an approximately 3-year-old toddler. The accident was blamed on overloading of the elevator with 17 people, whereas the maximum allowable weight of only 10-12 people.

3. Minato Ward incident

Hirosuke Ichikawa, a 16-year-old high school student who lives in City Heights housing complex in the district public Takeshiba Minato, Tokyo, Japan. In June 2006, Ichikawa was backed his bike out of the elevator when the elevator suddenly not working.

When Ichikawa was half way out of the elevator, the elevator suddenly slid up to the door fully open, pinning him leaning against the door frame. He died of asphyxiation.

The police arrived and eventually released the Ichikawa, and as they do, even though the elevator was broken, the elevator is still trying to glide to the top, stopping only at the prevention of collisions.

The cause of the accident was placed on the failure of the braking system on the elevator, as well as the bad checks.

4. Sherwood and Caroline Wadsworth

The life they live together for 60 years ended in a terrible accident elevator, and less the good functioning of telephones.

Neighbors since they began to suspect Wadsworths not throw their garbage out. Sender newspapers saw their newspapers pile up at the door, and he immediately called the police.

The police have to go into the home by damaging the door of their house, but they only found a cat owned by Wadsworth.

Police found the elevator and when they opened the door they saw the elevator stalled between the second and third floors. Inside, police found the body lying in a position Wadsworths facing each other, they both died from the heat, with temperatures reaching 95 degrees in the elevator.

Police believe the couple were trapped in the elevator at least four days before being discovered.

5. James Chenault

On the first floor of an office building, Mr. Chenault and several other passengers riding the elevator, somehow, looks up the elevator to the top too quickly to the second floor.

When the elevator in an open door, the elevator had stopped a little over two floor levels. Chenault was a Vietnam War veteran and may have handled the situation much worse than this one.

He decided to help the female passengers out of the elevator. It does so by holding the elevator door open with her back while one foot in the elevator, one foot on the second floor. He helped the passengers got off the elevator when it suddenly rolled up quickly, cut off his head.

His body fell to the lobby floor and his head fell to the floor of the elevator. Chenault's head and the two remaining passengers in the elevator up to the ninth floor. One passenger explained, "I can not shake it from my mind. Head but the body does not exist. He was wearing a Walkman (earphone) on his head."

6. Betty Lou Oliver

Oliver is the lift in the building on Saturday's (WW-2). When the planes hit the building he was on the floor 75. Having survived the plane crash that hit the building, the danger has not disappeared.

Rescuers decided to take him to the ground floor as quickly as possible so he can be brought to the hospital. They decided to use the elevator to take him down 75 floors. What they do not know is that they use the elevator have been damaged by the crash.

Elevator cable is almost damaged and broken. They put Oliver in the elevator and, when the door is closed, the cable caused the tragic events response. Oliver and rode the elevator down 75 floors to the basement but, miraculously, he was not killed.

Thousands of meters of cable elevator down to the basement before the lift. Once again, Oliver had to be rescued, this time from the bottom of the elevator shaft in a pile of twisted metal. Mortally wounded, he was still alive to this day holds the record for the longest survivors in the crash descent elevator.

7. Hitoshi Christopher Nikaidoh

For four days elevator # 14 was closed for repairs. On August 16, 2003, the 'out of service' is no longer listed. A woman named Steinau decided to use the elevator. Beside him stood a young man, Nikaidoh.

Steinau pressed the elevator call button first on the floor. Lift # 14 arrived, Nikaidoh standing nearby. Steinau walk a few meters on the second floor lobby to join him.

He first entered the elevator and pressed the button on the sixth floor. Nikaidoh asked if the elevator was working. Steinau answer seems to already be in operation. Nikaidoh went in to join him.

It's just that when he stepped inside, the door suddenly closed and the clamp body. Usually when this happens automatically open the doors again, but not this time, Nikaidoh finds himself trapped by a closed door when the elevator began to rise.

Steinau said she saw Nikaidoh tried to free himself from the door clamps lift. Lift up forcing his head hit the ceiling and cut part of his head. His left ear, lower lip, teeth and jaws are still attached to his body, which then fall to the bottom of the elevator shaft, as the elevator continued to move upwards.

It stopped just below the fifth floor and it took time to rescue and liberate Steinau. During that time he has remaining in the elevator with her head Nikaidoh. "I just kept looking in his eyes," he told the officer.


7 Most tragic incident that ever occurred in the Elevator