Could Brain Dolphins and Humans the Same?

Could Brain Dolphins and Humans the Same?:
Questions about the similarity of the brain of dolphins and humans seemed to be interesting, considering that there are recent studies on the genome showed a bottle-nosed dolphin was a marine mammal that has a similarity with human genes. This discovery explains why dolphins have large brains.

Dolphins have in common with humans in intelligence, social behavior, and communication. According to the study, the similarity is close relationship with monkeys and apes.

"We are interested in the reasons that make them great brains of the molecular perspective," said the researchers from Wayne State University School of Medicine, Michigan, United States, Michael McGowen.

"We decided to examine the genes of the genome of a dolphin. This is to see the similarities between the genes that have changed in the genealogy of dolphins and changes in the primate family," he said as quoted by the Daily Mail.
The dolphins can recognize themselves in mirrors. This capability is normally limited to primates such as chimpanzees and humans.

Dolphin brain, explains Michael, involves a different connection with primates, particularly in the neocortex. This section is a center of higher functions, such as reasoning and consciousness of mind.


Could Brain Dolphins and Humans the Same?