In 1987 Bill Gates' prediction is now proven

In 1987 Bill Gates' prediction is now proven: Microsoft founder Bill Gates to document his views on the book The Road Ahead (Future Road), published in 1995. Much earlier, in an interview in 1987, Gates has provided predictions of future technology.


Gates predicts LCD TV, voice command recognition Siri, YouTube, Wikipedia, and the payment without the card.

In 1987, OMNI magazine contains predictions of geniuses, including Gates. Microsoft founder who was then aged 32 years has become the youngest billionaire. Windows began to dominate as the operating system software company working world.

Gates compared the predictions of the Smithsonian magazine in the world of technology conditions in 2012.

Gates was asked to predict when the world within the next 20 years ie 2007. But, some of which materialized in recent years.

In 1987, a new internet start surfaced. It's not easy to make predictions. But Gates had a vision of the internet. He described YouTube and Wikipedia touch the lives of today's match.

"In 20 years later, the Information Age has definitely come. Dream to get the database world with the touch of your finger will become reality," said Gates had as reported by the Daily Mail.

"You can make your own video content and load it yourself. Now, if you want to create an image on the screen, you have to capture it. For example, picture the beach and the waves," he added.

"In 20 years, you can create your own images and scenery. You will be able to store high-level representation of the image of the sun or the way the wind blows. Believe me, if you want any particular movie star looks were relaxing on the beach, you can make it. People started doing this, "said Gates fortune.

This last phase has not been fully realized. Visual industries such as movies and video games began menjajakinya. Gates predicted the ability to display images with the Apple iPad Retina Display.

"You are home. You already have an image library that will contain all of the world's best art," said Gates.

"You will also have flat screen device at an affordable price for home use. Resolution screen that is great for projecting an image as seen directly in the eyes of oil painting. Appearance to be very realistic," he added.

Apple technology, Siri also included in the vision of the future of Gates.

"We will have a quality of speech recognition technology. I can wake up and say, 'Show me the painting of Da Vinci.' The device can display high resolution images that I want on the ceiling. They also can display a music or video. World is going online. You can do a simulation of everything, "Gates predicted.

Although there is no TV in the ceiling, but other predictions close.

Some time ago, the technology could "turn on" celebrities who have died in three-dimensional form. Rapper Tupac could appear in shows in Las Vegas, United States.

Gates estimates that each person can be involved in determining the quality of their own entertainment.

"If you like Bill Cosby, there will be a digital description of Cosby. Gestures and appearance will be similar. You can create your own events from the look of it," said Gates.

"In 20 years, we can synthesize reality. We will do so with the realization of the super and at the same time. Machine will check the data and provide story ideas you will share later. Machine that also makes you learn the songs you sing and joke You've never heard before. Currently we can only do flight simulation only, "explained Gates.

Online transactions are also included in the prediction of Gates.

"Some things will be missing in our lives. Machine will shift the physical exchanges, either by voice data or a finger. Thus, credit cards and checks should slowly back away," he explained.

Although able to predict the future, Gates mentioned technologies many of which are made by Apple and Google. Microsoft has not provided a breakthrough innovation means in realizing the prediction Gates.

One thing missing from the forecast than the achievement of Microsoft competitors Apple and Google. Microsoft looks static since 2000.

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In 1987 Bill Gates' prediction is now proven