Interestingly, in Mexico City There Containers

Interestingly, in Mexico City There Containers:
Rule looks container or containers used for transporting various goods covered container. Weight of empty containers around 2,200 kg - 4,400 kg, quite heavy, right?

Strength of material in containers made while under the most secure means of containers by truck, train, or boat.

However, the utilization of the container may be unique in the hands of artists building. Such as those in Cholula this - about two hours from Mexico city. A development company has changed its container into a small town nan fascinating.

Container town is quite complete. There were residential, restaurants, bars, shops, entertainment venues, and others.

Developers use a half acres of land (4500 sq metre) to build it. Containers were used, then painted with bright colors, arranged in part for residential, and partly to public service.

See the following pictures. Had a similar idea to be implemented in Indonesia?


Interestingly, in Mexico City There Containers