Just what the hell type of Chocolate?

Just what the hell type of Chocolate?:
Chocolate with dairy products so yummy. In fact, so sensational flavors of chocolate, until there slogan, "Eat chocolate better than sex."


Apart from these assumptions, chocolate made ​​from cocoa beans are rich in flavonoids that act as antioxidants, neutralizing the adverse effects of free radicals that can destroy tissue cells.

In addition to flavonoids, chocolate also contains theobromine, an alkaloid compound that is lightweight stimultan can stimulate nerve cells giving rise to a feeling energized and refreshed. Apart from being stimultan, theobromine is believed to have mood elevating effects.

Well, maybe this is causing a sensation so that the chocolate better than sex. These compounds promote the body's release of other compounds that can cause a mild feeling of comfort and reduce stress. Many people, especially women, eat chocolate for this purpose. After taking quite a lot of chocolate, they will feel more calm.

How many kinds of chocolate anyway? It helps us know a little, namely:

Chocolate couverture

This type is the original chocolate couverture which usually contain fat chocolate, chocolate mass and tend to be bitter and feels more expensive.


Couverture chocolate is a type called "real chocolate" by a true chocolate lover. This type of rapid addition of chocolate melted in the mouth, also has a sense of "fruity" a little bitter.

Broadly speaking, the content in the couverture chocolate is cocoa mass and cocoa butter and sugar (for the type of dark chocolate, milk and white while the regular use of milk solids in it to replace cocoa powder) for the bitterness and sweetness depends on the balance between the amount of real chocolatenya with sugar.

In addition to good taste, good health but had a weakness for the storage and handling (especially for pralines and somewhat sensitive to heat). Couverture chocolate in addition to requiring special equipment, the processing process is also more difficult. cocoa processing is a way in "tempering" or melted.

Compound Chocolate

Compound Chocolate composition similar to cocoa butter, couverture chocolate, but that is replaced by other vegetable fats such as coconut oil is cheap or soya. Cocoa butter is also actually include vegetable fat, but the reason might be called butter because it had the same yellow color and expensive like butter.

Above: Dark Chocolate, middle: Chocolate Mild, bottom: White Chocolate / kimchuagroup.com

In a sense compound semi-sweet chocolate tends as much understanding or sweet chocolate if chocolate is not bitter, but the handling is easier. Compound chocolate is more widely used for chocolate decorations and sometimes also to make ganache, praline, and others. Because of price considerations are much cheaper than couverture.

There are three types of coholate compound is:

Dark chocolate compound: that is colored dark chocolate bar, chocolate flavor more pronounced and do not contain milk. This type of good chocolate used for baking or cake, and various other snacks.

Milk compound chocolate: the chocolate bar is a mixture of brown sugar, cocoa, melted chocolate, milk, and vanilla.

White chocolate compound: that is chocolate bars are white, contain white chocolate bar, containing cocoa butter and CaCO.

Brown powder
Powdered chocolate is chocolate that has a strong aroma, not rancid, not moldy, and not moldy. There are several types of cocoa powder is dark brown-colored powder and bitter smell which is very useful because of the nature mempunyait dry cake mix.


Other types of cocoa powder that has a density which is, or brown powder that is easily found in supermarkets or markets. Cocoa powder or cocoa powder is made from cake / slag chocolate brown fat has been separated. This cake was dried and finely ground to form cocoa powder coklat.Proses making no two ways:

A. Through a natural process

Cocoa naturally slightly acidic. Most cocoa powder sold in the market is kind of natural cocoa. Natural cocoa powder is made from pureed chocolate or bitter chocolate block, by eliminating most of the fat down to 18-23%. This type of chocolate powder, containing less fat, and taste bitter. Many who use this type of cocoa powder as an ingredient for baking.

2. Through the process of dutch

Dutch cocoa used as ingredients for making hot chocolate because the flavor is more delicate


Just what the hell type of Chocolate?