Origin of Reference to "Soft Drink"

Origin of Reference to "Soft Drink":
Soft drinks, or more familiarly called "soft drink" normally targets the products of carbonated beverages. Examples of trademarks that we know for example, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, and others.

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The term "soft drink" actually originates from the mention in the West to distinguish with alcoholic beverages. The term has become popular thanks to advertising campaigns carbonated beverages.

In the U.S., carbonated beverages (soda) has many names such as pop, soda, coke, and fizzy drinks. Well, the advertising was confused to find a specific name and ear pleasing. Until finally came the term "soft drink" or a soft drink. Unfortunately, it is not known who first sparked the idea.

Interestingly, in countries such as Ireland, mineral water - mineral water are also classified as a soft drink.

In a study in 2006 found the majority of western countries "soft drinks" that contain alcohol. Similar to beer, which also had higher levels of alcohol in very small amounts.

Later, the rise of research about the effect of carbonated beverages with glucose it creates a mild minuma who uses the name "diet coke". While the target for Muslim-majority countries, the tightening of the product "soft drink" non alcohol also performed.

In Indonesia alone, do not just mean soft drink carbonated beverages. Products such as instant tea beverage in the bottle is also included in the category of soft drinks.


Origin of Reference to "Soft Drink"