Reasons Dog Bite Love Bone

Reasons Dog Bite Love Bone:
For those of you who care and dog lovers had not asked, why not bite the dog bones? Even include a toy bone, the bone must be shaped so long as directly bitten by the doggy.

According to the expert team led by Dr. Joao Munoz-Doran of the National University of Colombia, the habit of eating dog meat began about eight million years ago. At that time, a group of ancient dogs to search for larger prey.

The habit of making derivative ancient dogs, like wolves and modern dogs, a hiperkarnivora or 70 percent of the animals that eat meat.

This conclusion was obtained after Munoz-Doran team up 'pedigree' dogs that describe the relationships among more than 300 species of dogs. "We found the same evolutionary history among a number of types of dogs," explains Dr. Munoz-Doran.

"Eight million years ago a lot of open habitat in Asia, Europe, and North America. Competition is getting very tight and prey of these conditions make ancient dogs must be grouped when looking for and stalking prey," he explained.

He explained, from the habit of hunting in packs, the new emerging breed of dog with a different head shape, with a more powerful jaws, and larger canine size. They are able to survive the natural selection and continue this form into the next generation of dogs.

The researchers say that is why pet dogs, though no longer have to hunt for prey in the open, still 'continue' habit of eating meat or freezing.

"They have the tools to perform these habits and they want to use it," said Dr. Munoz-Doran.


Reasons Dog Bite Love Bone