Recognizing the existence of CIA agents on the Roswell UFO

Recognizing the existence of CIA agents on the Roswell UFO: July 8, 1947 Roswell, New Mexico. In the midst of the storm, found a flying s...

Recognizing the existence of CIA agents on the Roswell UFO:
July 8, 1947 Roswell, New Mexico.

In the midst of the storm, found a flying saucer-shaped aircraft, badly damaged condition. There are three bodies of human-like metallic dress around it. Many people suspect that it is a UFO, but the U.S. government announced it was a hot air balloon.

Recently the 65th anniversary of the Roswell incident, an agency the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) out about the incident, at once reveals the secret CIA report. He said, "it really happened."

Chase Brandon, the name of an agent who has 35 years of service in the intelligence agency said the information about the Roswell hidden in a secret vault at CIA headquarters in Langley. "In the vault area, there is a box that caught my attention. Because there is the inscription: Roswell. I tear apart anything in it, then return back to the box on the shelf, "he said.

However, he did not want to reveal in detail what is in the city. "There are some written material and a number of photographs. That's it, I will not elaborate on what's on the box, "he said on the Huffington Post.

To be sure, he adds, "it's not a blimp, the truth is the first report," said Brandon. "It was a plane that is not from this planet." Also the bodies in it, true to the allegations.

For 25 years his job at the CIA, Brandon joined the corps of elite Clandestine Service. Its work undercover, conducting covert operations related to international terrorism, global narcotics trafficking, arms smuggling, and operating antigerilya.

When the Roswell incident occurred, the military issued a release: "The many rumors about flying saucers became a reality yesterday, when the 509th Bomb Group intelligence officer of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field was fortunate enough to get it. "

Within 24 hours later, the military changed its story and said, who initially thought the object was a weather balloon flying saucer that crashed on a nearby farm. Remarkably, the media and the public at that time accepted the explanation without question.

Earlier, an FBI document released strengthens Brandon's story, or at least, support the notion that the U.S. authorities deliberately cover up the relationship with the alien or creature ekstraterresterial.

In the memo titled "Flying Saucer", to the director of the FBI in 1950, agent Guy Hottel, said Air Force investigators are investigating three things called flying saucers were found in New Mexico.

He described the object was circular, convex to the center, about a diameter of 50 feet or 15.2 meters. "Each one contains a human-like bodies, pliers height is only 3 feet or 0.9 meters."

The bodies were wearing metallic fabric that has a very smooth texture. Similar garments used pilot tests.

True or not, the mystery still need to be revealed. While this could only say yes, "Allaah knows best Bishawab".