Replied True Story of Water Tuba's Milk

Replied True Story of Water Tuba's Milk:
July 3, 2012, Shaoyang, China ... A young man, Deng Jinjie (27) is cool to play in the park with two small dogs. Suddenly he heard a cry for help from the river near the park. He immediately ran to the river. Husband and wife looked was swimming in the river and kept yelling for help.

Apparently, they panicked at their child's swim vest tire wear looks more distant river swept away. 5-year-old child had been separated by a distance of a dozen yards from his parents.

Without thinking, Jinjie immediately jumped into the river to give help. Two other residents also menyebur to the river to help rescue efforts Jinjie. Thanks to their help, all three family members made it to the banks of the river safely.

However, when all seemed to have ended, people realized there was one thing that was wrong. Jinjie, the leader of the rescue effort is not seen everywhere. They finally realized that Jinjie exhausted while swimming and the river were swept away. Residents then called the police and firefighters, who eventually managed to find Jinjie who have died from too long in the water.

Which surprised everyone, when everyone is busy trying to find Jinjie, a family who had just rescued by the hero for his life was actually just walking away from the site. Not the least of thanks came from their mouths. And when someone from the crowd asked, "the person who saved you still in the water, why would you go?" The mother of the family even said "That's not my concern".

What a tragic fate Jinjie. The good deed rewarded by helping people instead of water tubes.

This news being crowded in among the Chinese netters. Families who have not been identified to receive rain this blasphemy. Wherever this story appeared, the comment will be filled with blasphemy and request that the identity of the family sought to clear and shown to the public.

A lesson for us, not to forget to say "thank you" for the good things people do, and then set always to reply to all goodness. Do not get deh, being as the saying goes, "Nuts to forget her skin." Astaghfirullah ..


Replied True Story of Water Tuba's Milk