Solid, liquid has been found from the Battery

Solid, liquid has been found from the Battery:
Energy generation solar cells are still relatively expensive equipment, although environmentally friendly. Imagine, if one day there is fluid replacement solar panels that can be sprayed onto the television, radio, or any gadget to be a source of cheap and efficient energy. Could it be?

This question is being answered by the researchers, and progress towards it getting closer to reality. The team of scientists at Rice University, Houston, Texas, has found a way to break down each element of the traditional battery and mix into a liquid-like wall paint, and can be used in a variety of electronic equipment.

"It's easier for storage and use of all types of electronic equipment that use traditional batteries, as it becomes more flexible," said study leader Pulickel Ajayan.

The rechargeable battery is made in the form of spray paint that serves as a layer, and serves as a component in traditional batteries.

Paint coating is sprayed on the material type of ceramic, glass, stainless steel, and ceramic mugs in a curve, to work out how these layers work on household appliances.

When testing, the nine pieces are plated bathroom floor with paint and then each other in a state filled dihubungkan.Saat, the diode is on for six hours in a steady 2.4 volts.

The results are encouraging. This discovery makes the battery energy distribution is more compact, but still confined to a box or cylinder-shaped batteries alone, as reported by Reuters.

Although, there are still many shortcomings of this technology. Application is still difficult, because it's hard to set the liquid electrolyte, and required a dry environment and airtight for the manufacture of this new tool.

However, one step forward has been made. Living development to find the right solution. Neelam Singh, one of the researchers in this project believe that these technologies can be integrated with solar cells to make energy saving electronics. The findings were published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports.


Solid, liquid has been found from the Battery