These particles Helps When We No Longer Living Breathing

These particles Helps When We No Longer Living Breathing:
Bergermbiralah on new discoveries in the medical field. It has been found that particles can save the lives of people who are dying.

Medical scientists succeeded in designing micro particles that can be injected directly into the bloodstream. These particles will be delivering oxygen to the body quickly. These particles can save millions of lives each tahun.Bahkan, when you can not breathe anymore.

This invention was developed a team of Children's Hospital Boston, United States. These particles can make a medical team to keep patients alive and in stable condition for 15-30 minutes. In fact, when subjected to respiratory failure.

These findings provide sufficient time for doctors and emergency personnel. They can take action without incurring the risk of heart attack or permanent brain damage in patients.

This solution has been successfully tested on animals in a state of critical lung failure. When doctors inject this liquid into a patient's blood vessel, the particles can store oxygen in their blood to near normal levels. This process provides valuable extra minutes for life.

Similar solutions have failed before because it causes gas embolism or gas bubbles in the bloodstream. Previous solutions can not supply oxygen to the cells. According to the Department of Cardiology Children's Hospital Boston, USA, dr. John Kheir, they managed to overcome this problem by using particles that can change shape, not a bubble.

"We have designed a solution of this problem with gas mempaktekan into small particles that can change shape. They increase the gas exchange surface area dramatically. They were also able to infiltrate through the capillaries [the smallest blood vessels] where free gas stick," Kheir said as quoted by LiveScience.

History of Magic Particles
These particles consist of pockets of oxygen in the layer of lipids (fats), a naturally occurring molecule that normally store energy or to serve as a component of cell membranes. This magic elixir seems to take "three to four times the oxygen content of our own red blood cells."

Kheir had the idea after he had felt the loss of a little girl in 2006 who is in his care. The girl died of a lung hemorrhage caused by pneumonia. Severe brain injuries that cause the death of the little girl before the medical team can put on a heart-lung machine.

Soon after, Kheir assembled a team of chemical engineers, scientists particles, and medical doctors to work for human life-saving solution.

After repeated experiments, the researchers, led Kheir found microparticles seems promising. When the experiment, the researchers saw a blue blood turned red immediately, right in front of the eye. After years of investigation, the particles that dream finally come true Kheir.


These particles Helps When We No Longer Living Breathing