Tips for Work Completed On Time

Tips for Work Completed On Time: Procrastinate is most often done a lot of people. Feeling lazy or distracted because keasikan do something...

Tips for Work Completed On Time:
Procrastinate is most often done a lot of people. Feeling lazy or distracted because keasikan do something else, like playing games for example, so the most common cause.

Gravity, that often delay the work it could have spread to other things. We could get angry teacher, supervisor in the office, parents, or anyone who is disappointed with the results of our work.

The most important need we have is: will and determination, discipline, and time management. Mere intention without discipline only be a dream. Therefore, it must have a strong determination to stay focused on the tasks to be completed.

Get used to write a list of work to do, what to do list, time management in order to be able to walk properly. In the past, some successful people always write what should be done every bedtime in the agenda or the board what to do list, so when you wake up in the morning they were ready to do what is already written.

Now we're spoiled technology. Note or calendar on the phone can be a potent reminder tool.

Next, there are more other things to keep in mind, namely:

A. For and handle the task. Breaking heavy tasks and daunting tasks into smaller, more can be done

2. Begin your day to do the job the most difficult or most do not you like best. The rest of your day will be easier. This point is related to the points to 3, if we are to organize the work, we can choose the most difficult for the next easier. Sometimes, it must be flexible, if it makes the task of sweat improved mood, ya do first is easiest to hardest.

3. Determine a realistic target, but not too stiff. Remain flexible.

4. Start working on right now. Do not wait until you feel completely ready. Remember, keep this motto in themselves, "From now on, too!"

5. Write a list of backup task. The rights you want to do if there is time. Once you have, you definitely have time for shaking up the tasks.

6. Get rid of all the things that disturb your concentration from your office. Get rid of food, TV, magazines, games, internet, and other temptations. Try to learn from the advice your mother or grandmother, if you spend to market write what to buy so do not forget and do not buy another switch. Likewise, work, learn to keep to the discipline with a list of jobs that have been written.

7. Set aside more time for one task. For example, if you think writing an essay takes time 2 hours, then allocate 3 or even 4 hours to do it.

8. Be aware that the task of writing, schoolwork, or anything that you do not maybe perfect. If you understand this, you will not feel afraid to fail again. Well, this is related to the nature of a perfectionist, everything must be perfect. It's great to be the best, but not necessarily spend more time on trivial issues, or because of the feeling, "people want to be praised" or "what will people think of me?"

9. The latter is to increase our spirit. Note the progress that you can be in the book. Write down all the tasks you've completed each day. Read over and over again and you should feel proud of these achievements. When the holidays, treat yourself as a reward or a reward for successfully with all the tasks.

10. Do not forget prayer. If any job is always done in the prayer itself to add strength to finish the task as quickly as possible.

Discipline of time and write what to do list is sometimes boring, but if we get this, it becomes familiar. With the accustomed discipline, many tables, good things will come.

Remember, Japan, Korea, and China can be a developed country because they develop a culture of discipline. No need to wait and see others, do it now start from ourselves, who knows later on spread to others. The result, if all the people of Indonesia to implement proper time management, Insha Allah this country a better country.