Want To Know War Strategy King of Java?

Want To Know War Strategy King of Java?:
Did the kings of the Archipelago, especially Java, have the ancient war strategy? Is currently fighting the war mahapatih arrange for the formation of his troops? If yes, what kind?

Apparently from the Old Javanese inscription of data, since the era of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom century 7 and 8 recorded a lot of war. Especially when the Majapahit power in the 16th century.
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Speaking of the war, it is inseparable from war strategies used in a war. The word strategy itself comes from the Greek strategos, which is narrowly defined as "the art of a general". The term comes about because at first the strategy deals with how the military tactics of a general attempt to fool the enemy, and divide his forces in the war.

In the theory of war, strategy and tactics are generally placed in two different categories. These two areas are traditionally defined according to different dimensions. Strategy with regard to space, long time, as well as large-scale military movements, while tactics is the application of the strategy.

Thus, the strategy is defined Prelude (preliminary) before plunging into battle, while tactics are the activities on the battlefield.

Of Ancient Javanese literature there is evidence that people at that time has come to know the strategy of war, among others, of kakawin Bhāratayuddha, written by the MPU and MPU Sedah Panuluh Jayabhaya during the reign of the kingdom of Kadiri in the year 1019 Saka (1157 AD)

This kakawin write about the various types byuha / wyūha (war strategy) conducted by the Pandavas and the Kauravas in the war that directly deal with the enemy or the frontal attack.

The types contained in the kakawin wyūha Bhāratayuddha (Wiryosuparto 1968:31-40):

Wajratiksna wyūha (left) and Sagara wukir wyūha (right)

Garuda wyūha
Makara wyūha & Chakra wyūha

Padma wyūha
Ardhacandra wyūha
Kānana wyūha

The war strategy comes from the literature of India (Arthasastra), because the influence of Hinduism is very strong at that time. In the development of later, when the VOC entered Indonesia examines the strategies and tactics of war Javanese kings. The conclusion is:

A. Sudden raid
2. Knock down the trees to the highway so roads are closed and blocking enemy attacks.
3. Deciding the food supply (logistics) to the enemy was forced to surrender because of hunger
4. Decided to supply water from the dam (see Schrieke, 1957: 132-135)

Steady, right? Indonesia's war strategy of the ancient kingdom was lost to the Romans and others.

Want To Know War Strategy King of Java?