4 Amazing Natural Phenomena

4 Amazing Natural Phenomena:
Nature always has the magic that makes the wonder. In fact, from the collection of water can create a view that is not common. 4 events below menjad example of the beauty that happens here on earth.

The fire Falls (Horsetail Falls)

This phenomenon of Fire Falls in Yosemite National Park are located in California. Named Fire plunge because when the water falls from a height of about 2000 feet, similar to the liquid lava falling from above. Actually, this phenomenon is not the falling lava, but water is being plunged get the effect of sunlight that will go down.

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This phenomenon must be supported with sunny weather, the presence of the sun shining on the water right now, and the flow of water enough to make a similar waterfall falling liquid lava.

Ice Circle


Ice Circle phenomenon can happen anywhere. Usually this phenomenon often occurs in an area that has particularly river flow is slow and cold climates. Shaped like a disc which rotates slowly. This phenomenon also occurred around the year 1930 in Toronto, Canada.

Ice circles can also occur in lakes that are sources of methane gas at the bottom. This gas to the surface to form a warm whirlpool. When the vortex reaches the surface of the lake water, lake water melt the ice, forming a circle like a ring.

This ice circle phenomenon only occurs in a frozen river or lake that has a slow stream, or on a bend in the river, which flows in the bend of creating rotational motion. This rotary motion to break the ice blocks and twisted so as to form perfect circles. The emergence of these ice circles have occurred in Scandinavia, England, also of Toronto.

Frozen waves

This phenomenon occurs in the Antarctic region. The main cause is caused by a reaction between the snow conditions in Antarctica. For example, an iceberg that crashed into the ocean will cause a wave. Well, it reacts with the wave will produce a wave of snow and frozen.

When an iceberg falls into the sea carrying algae, then the wave form will have lines like the color, green, brown, black and yellow.

Morning Glory Cloud

This phenomenon is considered a very rare phenomenon. However, it never happened in the Gulf Carpenataria, Australia. This cloud of elongated shape, can reach 1000 km and there are at altitudes between 1-2 km.

Morning Glory Cloud or often called Solitary Wave Solitons, because of its shape like a wave moving with a speed of 60km / h.


4 Amazing Natural Phenomena