5 incident long sad history of the Olympics

5 incident long sad history of the Olympics: Olympics are still going on in London right now is apparently in the annals of travel for approximately 100 years left a lot of dark notes.

Of the bombing that killed innocent civilians, the killing athletes, up to the athlete who died too hot. Well, without a lengthy one by one let us see the tragedy of what happened at the Olympics.

A. Pipe bomb at the Atlanta Olympics

Without warning his name is also a tragedy. In the Summer Olympics events precisely in the hometown of the human rights fighter Martin Luther King, Atlanta, had been an explosion of three pipe bombs.

Three pipe bombs were exploded right in Centennial Park, the garden of a specially prepared as a sign of the 100th anniversary of the Olympics. At least 100 people in this tragedy have suffered injuries at the scene and two people have lost their lives.

2. Terrorist actions in the 1972 Munich Olympics

For those of you who've seen the movie, which stars Eric Bana Munich and documentary film entitled One Day in September, must have been aware of the themes raised by both the film what it is.

Yes, the Olympic tragedy in Munich in 1972. Event known as Black September, at least 11 people in the Israeli Olympic contingent must be dying by the radical Palestinian group

3. Knut Jensen was killed during a match

Pesepada from Demark is not going to think that the 1960 Olympics that followed was his last Olympics. In hot weather the heat of Rome when he, Knut suddenly fell off his bike.

Given medical Pertolangan whore but what Knut lives could be saved a few days later. From the autopsy, he died because of heart attack and no substance amphetamine in his heart.

4. Francisco Lazaro died "hot" when competing

This athlete is a marathon runner from Portugal, and for some reason when he competed in 1912 at the Olympic Games Stockholm, Sweden, instead of running and touching the finish line, and it had collapsed and died the next day after being treated. His body was reportedly unable to withstand the heat 106 degrees when the game lasts.

5. The Dane was killed in the 1960 Olympics

Naas, what can I say fate would to eight players this Danish football. On July 16, 1960 Denmark's football team is experienced with the use of airline accidents aviation-Redningskorpset Zone, in Copenhagen.


5 incident long sad history of the Olympics