Beautiful Rainbow Fire

Beautiful Rainbow Fire:
people in southern Florida to watch a beautiful phenomenon in the sky, the "Rainbow Fire". Picture as shown in the photo below. What the heck is a rainbow of fire?

Is actually a cloud of fire rainbow colorful. Based on NASA, this cloud because the cloud is composed of water with a uniform size. These clouds can reflect, refract, and mendifraksi light.

Much like a rainbow formation process generally. This phenomenon occurs because the process of reflection, refraction, and diffraction of light. Similarly, color, fire rainbow is also composed of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

However, the mechanism of how the rainbow and the rainbow of different forms of fire. Rainbow formed over due process of reflection and refraction. While the rainbow is caused by fire over the diffraction process.

The short explanation is this:

Rainbow: The light is deflected as it passes through layers with different density. The light will bounce with the same angle with the arrival angle.

Diffraction: waves of light is converted into a form like a ring.

Rainbow fire usually occurs in the newly formed clouds. According to the Weather Channel, fire a rainbow is formed due to pileus cloud storm that pushes air into the upper layers of the atmosphere through a layer of damp.

Rainbow fire had also occurred in the other hemisphere. The following photographs obtained from ever capture a rainbow of fire with a very beautiful shape.

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Beautiful Rainbow Fire