Curse of the Voodoo Dolls Sailors

Curse of the Voodoo Dolls Sailors:
Fort East Martello Museum, Florida displayed a doll uniformed Navy sailors early 20th century America with a lap dog. Robert The Doll, the name of this doll. Urband wrapped in legend and mystery surrounding its existence, until it should be placed in a museum.

Barbara Weibel

This doll belonged to a painter and author of Key West, Robert Eugene Otto. Around the beginning of the 20th century (there are many opinions, there is a mention of 1896, there were 1903 and 1906) - when Eugene was a kid, he was rewarded by one of the puppet black waiters are very pleased at the Otto family.

I was so happy, Eugene soon doll named Robert. However, many strange events began in the family. Start the sound of foreign laughter, the chaos and destruction, until the neighbors report seeing visions of Robert terrible. The most severe, Robert Eugene seems enslaved to the boy in shock and fear.

Eugene parents said they often heard her talking to the doll and the doll that looks to speak again. Although at first they thought that Eugene was just answering his own voice changed, they then believe that the doll was actually talking.

Neighbors said she saw the doll moving from window to window when the family was out. Otto family swear that sometimes the doll will emit eerie laughter and that they catch a glimpse of walking from room to room.

At night Eugene will scream, and when his parents ran into the room, they will find the furniture overturned and Eugene in bed, looking very scared, telling them that "Robert has done it!".

Eugene grown up, become an artist, and finally died in 1974, the doll's left in the attic until the house was bought again. The new family includes a ten-year-old girl, who became the new owner Robert. Shortly before she began to scream in the night, claiming that Robert moved around the room and even tried to attack him multiple times.

Robert eventually moved into a collection of dolls Fort East Martello Museum. Reportedly, the horrors that continue to the museum where Robert now lives. Including the story that circulated so as not to arbitrarily take a picture of Robert, or he will be angry.

Robert on display in the storefront place, scattered letters from some visitors who feel scary Robert. One of the letter like this:

Since our visit to the museum, we are much afflicted with misfortune.

I had a toothache that initially rare. Two days later, a hurricane strike and we had to be evacuated from the island where we were on vacation. My younger brothers are also affected by health problems.

My brother in law lives in Clearwater. After many problems that we experienced during the holidays, he finally returned home ... only to experience the event again to be evacuated from their homes. He brought two cats into his parents' home in Winter Haven and ended badly because the storm was attacked again. The family had two days without electricity.

When I arrived in Miami to return to Indianapolis, we were in damaged aircraft. The next day, when arriving in Indiana, I went to the dentist. It turned out that this tooth was swollen up to be admitted to the roots.

Last night we megalami thunderstorms. Our house was hit by lightning - not just once, but TWICE! We pull out all the electricity, but it was too late. The following 3 aircraft damaged TV satellite dish (parabola).

Please convey to Robert if we do not mean to make him angry and we apologize if we have to do it. His picture does not bring goodness, although he looks sweet to my seat. Will he take it?

Cindy Lye.

Whether, if the letter is true. Barbara Weibel, a blogger who also takes photographs of Robert and tell the contents of the letter above was reported as experienced disaster Cindy Lye.

Or could it be more prudent Barbara that Robert was not angry. He had seen a cat that came in the museum. Robert stared at the window of the place is so displayed, the cat looks scared and move away, not daring to approach the sailors cursed dolls.

-confidential nature.

Curse of the Voodoo Dolls Sailors