Sunday, August 12, 2012

Experts Find Earth in the Solar System Second Foreign

Experts Find Earth in the Solar System Second Foreign:

System that has a composition such as our solar system discovered a thousand light years from Earth. These findings offer a potential place to live.

In this solar system, a group of planets have a similar composition of our solar system. As stated by Dr. Roberto Sanchis-Ojeda from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, as quoted Dailymail.

In the solar system, the equatorial sun and the planets are in a position nearly parallel, he said. The difference, in this alien solar system only three planets in the solar system while humans there are eight planets.

The system, named Kepler-30 is known to be magnetically active and closed star spots.

"Rows of this planet offers a view of the future outer planet science," added Drake Deming of the University of Maryland, USA.


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