Hand Disconnect Crocodile bites, even Incurred Penalties

It's bad luck experienced by an airboat captain, Wallace Weatherholt. The captain was giving a tour to a family when his eyes fixed on a large alligator 2.7 meters long. Intended to draw attention to the reptiles, Weatherhold-ngulurkan a fish stall with his hands.

The crocodile then gladly accepted the offer. Because the captain was not careful, wide mouth at once devouring crocodile Weatherhold hand. You can imagine the panic that occurred when alone it happened.

Officers are given the news about this later and catch the crocodile hunt. Of the animal's stomach, officers found the victim's fist. Unfortunately, doctors do not successfully connect your fist back to its original owners.

Weatherholt, who was captain of the apes / topnewstoday.org

Misfortune did not stop there. Because it proved to have broken the rules by giving food to the crocodiles, Weatherholt also eventually fined. For cases like this in Florida, violators can be fined up to $ 500 or even imprisonment.


Hand Disconnect Crocodile bites, even Incurred Penalties