Let's Been to Paradise Rabbit

Let's Been to Paradise Rabbit:
An island inhabited by thousands of rabbits in Japan. In fact, the population was much greater than humans. His real name Okunoshima Island, near Hiroshima. However, now people named Usagi-Shima Island, meaning "Rabbit Island".
Rabbits have a dark tale of the island before the island was transformed so funny as it is now. In 1925 the Japanese army to build chemical weapons development center on the island.

After Japan lost the war in World War II, all the documents concerning the existence of biological weapons factories on Okunoshima destroyed. Residents around the need to keep, and it seemed deserted island for decades.

Are the subject of biological weapons experiments is a rabbit. After World War finished, the island is left blank and the rabbit was removed free.

1988, Okunoshima opened to the public, marked by the inauguration of Poison Gas Museum. The attractiveness of the island also supported the growing rabbit population. That's why people know him as the island later Ushagishima.

Most tourists who come here because they want to see cute rabbits that are not afraid of humans. Is a lot of rabbits here, most of them do not run away if approached, and even went without fear.

In addition to playing with rabbits, we could surround the island using a rented bike, and visit the Poison Gas Museum - built in 1988 to educate the public about the toxic gas plant ever built here.

The original building is still standing though it was not neglected. Tourists may not cross the borders that surround the building because they can be dangerous. But many tourists still go in and ignore the dividing line.

After visiting the museum and play with rabbits, we could swim with the satisfaction of Rabbit Island has beautiful beaches. White sandy beaches line the favorite people around Hiroshima who want a vacation to the beach.

Well, bunny lovers have come to this island, nih ...

Let's Been to Paradise Rabbit