Research: The Many Muslims in Russia

Research: The Many Muslims in Russia:
A study by the Pew Research Center released on Thursday (08/09/2012) yesterday presented some facts about Islam. The main conclusions about unifying the Muslims in the world, is due to the same faith of one God, Allah and his messenger, the Prophet Muhammad.

Other facts as follows:

A. eight out of ten residents of Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia stated the position of religion is very important in the life of a Muslim. Only six of the ten countries of the Middle East, Africa, and the former Soviet Union such as Russia, which says so.

2. In the Middle East and North Africa, Muslim aged 35 upwards over more religious than young people.

3. Of the 39 countries surveyed, the number of men praying in the mosque more than women. Condition that, according to research, it is likely influenced by social values ​​and.

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4. In countries with a population of Sunni Islam and Shi'a are balanced, such as Iraq and Lebanon, a greater tendency to receive the difference. In contrast, in countries with majority Sunni, about 41 percent of them believe the Shia are not Muslim. It added, identifying them instead of a quarter of Muslims Sunni and Shia.

5. Nine out of ten Muslims said he embraced Islam due to hereditary factors.

6. largest number of converts are from Russia. "Total converts in Russia reached seven percent. They were what would raise the population of Muslims around the world," said James Bell, head of the research team.


Research: The Many Muslims in Russia