Sacrificial Site Found Bulk Aztecs

Sacrificial Site Found Bulk Aztecs:

Mexican archaeologists found a site that contains 1789 Ingestion of bones in young women. The site is located five meters below the surface of the Templo Mayor, Mexico.

The site is found adjacent to the 'sacred tree' which is the capital of the Aztec's most sacred sites. The findings of this first show, the Aztecs probably never do mass sacrifice.

Archaeologist Susan Gillespie of the University of Florida, USA, called the findings as 'Aztec culture that has never previously best knowledge'. In addition, he said, the Maya disrupt a funeral procession for the royal family.

As quoted Dailymail, anthropologist Perla Ruiz said, the bones are from a previous funeral and buried with a woman again.

Sacrificial Site Found Bulk Aztecs