Skyscraper homes are Made Of Wood

Skyscraper homes are Made Of Wood: Believe it or not that building a house made of wood it's just one person, he was named Nikolai. Over the years, in solitude in his prison cell, he dreamed of building a magnificent building, a big house so it can be seen from many miles away across a small village.

Once out of prison he began to work, with no experience in architecture and construction, start step by step, wood to wood, crop to crop. To build a house that is now known locally as the 'House of Nikolai Skyscraper'.

With 12 plants and more than 38 feet high, this eccentric home construction was successfully established in the rest of the house, two stories high, with a forward slash and the profile of the tower.

According to Nikolai, the building is not finished and may never be completed. Or at least, the building will continue until the government stopped him, because apparently, this skyscraper safety at risk to collapse.

Although they admit that the house he built in this small town has managed to attract tourists come in droves just to see and take pictures in it.


Skyscraper homes are Made Of Wood
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