Unique, village in China's Long Hair

Huangluo village in Gulin, China is becoming increasingly famous for Guinness World Records recorded it as a "village with the longest hair in the World". Because, all the women in the village loved her hair, and took care to be very long.


Of the 120 women of this village, all of them have an average length of hair by up to 1.7 meters to 2.1 meters. For women in this village, the hair is the most important thing in their lives, after her husband and children.

The village is a place of residence of ethnic Yao Red (Red Yao) has a custom and belief, the longer the hair the longer it will be too old, well-being, and their good fortune.




Therefore, women should only be meotong hair once, when she was 16 years old and ready to find a companion of life. Hair that has been cut it was not discarded, but his parents to be given to hair ornaments.

Not surprisingly, during the summer and autumn, the women of the village of Long Hair is a gang went to a nearby river to wash their hair. It is also claimed, they do this every 2 or 3 days use wash water used in rice. Obviously, this activity was the main attraction for tourists visiting.


Reportedly first, just at this moment of their long hair can be seen, as in a normal day, their hair covered with blue cloth and only the husband is allowed to see it. If there are foreigners who see their long hair, then that person should stay with her for three years.

However, this rule is no longer valid since 1987, and now anyone can see her beautiful long hair of this village.


Unique, village in China's Long Hair