10 Technology to Prevent Destruction Earth

10 Technology to Prevent Destruction Earth: There is a presumption of the skeptic that the technology is only damaging the environment. This assumption is challenged scientists to develop technology that is environmentally friendly.

The UN estimates that by 2030 energy demand will rise by 60 percent. A total of 2.9 billion people will lack water supply. Here are 10 types of technologies belonging to prevent the Earth from destruction.

1. Removing salt from sea water

The UN noted, the water supply will be very limited for the billions of people in the middle of this century. There is a technology called desalination, which removes salt and minerals from sea water so drinkable. This is a solution that can be done to avert the water crisis.

The problem is, the technology is still too expensive and requires considerable energy. Now scientists are looking for a way for desalination can take place with less energy. One way is by evaporation on the water before it goes into membranes with microscopic pores

2. Producing natural oil

There is a process called thermo-depolymerization, a process similar to how nature produces oil. For example, if carbon-based waste is heated and pressurized precise, capable of producing oil material.

Naturally this process menbutuhkan millions of years. Of the experiment they had done before, turkey dung can produce about 600 pounds of petroleum.

3. Hydrogen Power

Hydrogen fuel is considered as a non-polluting alternative fuels. Energy generated from the combination of hydrogen and oxygen. The problem is how the hydrogen is produced.

Molecules such as water and alcohol must be processed first to extract hydrogen that become fuel cells. This process also requires energy. But at least scientists have tried to make laptops and other devices to power a fuel cell.

4. Solar

Solar energy reaches the earth is made up of photons, can be converted into electricity or heat. Some companies and housing has been successfully using this application. They use solar cells and other solar thermal energy collector as a medium.

5. Ocean Thermal Conversion

Media largest solar collector on Earth is sea water. U.S. Department of Energy (U.S.) calls, ocean to absorb solar heat energy produced is equivalent to 250 billion barrels per day Minyal.

There is a technology called OTEC is capable of converting ocean thermal energy into electricity. The temperature difference between the sea surface and was able to run turbines drive the generator. The problem is, the technology is still less efficient.

6. Ocean wave energy

Ocean covers 70 percent of the earth's surface. Huge wave of energy saving that can drive turbines that power mengasilkan. The problem is rather difficult to estimate when the ocean waves large enough to produce enough energy.

The solution is to store some of the energy when the wave is big enough. East River of New York is currently a pilot project with six turbine-powered water gelombanng. While the Portuguese actually already been practicing these technologies and successful light more than 1,500 homes.

7. Planted roof

The concept is inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the list of the Seven Wonders of the World. Babylonian palace consists of a roof planted with a variety of flora, as well as a balcony and terrace.

The roof garden is able to absorb heat and reduce carbon dioxide. Imagine if birds and butterflies fluttering around our green house.

8. Bioremediation

There is a process called bioremediation, the use of microbes and plants to clean up contamination. One is cleaning the nitrate content in the water with the help of microbes.

Or use the plants to neutralize arsenic from the soil. Some native plants have turned out to cleanse the earth avail us of various pollutants.

9. Grave goods destroyer

Carbon dioxide is the main factor causing global warming. Energy Information Administration (EIA) notes, the carbon dioxide emissions in 2030 at 8000 million metric tons.

The simplest method to reduce the content of hazardous substances it is to bury a variety of different producing CO2 as hazardous electronic waste.

But scientists are still not sure that harmful gases are stored safely. Still later will appear negative impact on the environment.

10. Electronic books

Imagine, how many tons of paper and how many trees must be cut down for the entire world if we all had to buy newspapers, magazines, novels, textbooks, notebooks, fax paper, to toilet paper.

Electronic books or electronic mail, better known as e-book and e-mail very significant contribution to survival. With the technology, paper production can be suppressed, so that we do not have to cut too many trees.


10 Technology to Prevent Destruction Earth