5 Ability Beyond Good Adult Babies

5 Ability Beyond Good Adult Babies: Newborns look like weak creatures who are helpless but behind it turned out the baby had no ability owned by adults in general. Want to know what possessed the ability of newborns consider the following as quoted from detik.com.

1. Sharp instincts

Newborns can perform automatic reflex movements necessary in its development. One is the 'diving reflex' also known as the bradycardic response.

The response is also owned seals and other aquatic animals. Instinct is believed to be the evolutionary remnants of human ancestors evolved from the sea.

An example is like this: Newborn to 6 month old whose head was submerged in the water you hold your breath naturally.

At the same time, the heart beats more slowly to conserve oxygen and more blood circulation towards the vital organs, the heart and brain. Response in infants is submerged longer than adults have.

2. Quick study

Almost every thing that experienced by infants will be remembered permanently by forming synapses or connections between brain cells.

At 3 years old baby, has formed about 1,000 trillion connections in the brain or 2 times more than adults have. But since the age of 11 years, children's brains and then reduce the connection is considered excessive.

3. Better able to understand quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics or weird laws that govern the movement of elementary particles is very confusing. Experience the reality encountered everyday makes people hard to understand quantum mechanics.

But newborns are not familiar with any reality, and as such is the only living things that can intuitively understand quantum mechanics.

Until the age of 3 months or more, babies do not have the understanding that objects can only be in one place at one time.

Before that age, experiments and games like 'Peekaboo' indicates that the object is hidden baby thought could exist anywhere. This is an indication of the baby's intuitive understanding of quantum mechanics.

4. Recognize rhythm

All babies born have a sensation to feel the rhythm. This is shown by the study in 2009 in which a team of researchers in Europe playing drums in rhythm to infants aged 2-3 days.

Occasional pounding rhythm, then some time playing rhythm disrupt and eventually stop.

Electrodes attached to the baby's scalp revealed that the baby's brain is responding to the rhythm. This indicates that expectations for hearing impaired and could feel the rhythm of rhythm sharply.

The researchers argue, may be the mother's heartbeat rhythms to teach the baby while in the womb. The scientists then thought that the baby can learn the meaning of the words of the parents and learn the language only of the rhythm only.

5. Being funny

Babies being funny and not without reason. All babies are born cute to arouse instincts of protecting adults.

In a study published in 2011, a team of Chinese and Canadian psychologists found that infants considered more cute and funny than children.

Cuteness level is going down as a baby at the age of 4 years. In babies, cute appearance is really a matter of life and death. Other studies have found that babies who have small eyes, flat forehead and square faces tend not to get attention from his parents.


5 Ability Beyond Good Adult Babies