Accidental Invention Makes Rich inventor

Accidental Invention Makes Rich inventor: Sometimes, the most successful business opportunities and profitable successfully developed without a plan. Of unexpected events and the inventor of willpower, which eventually brought him to be successful and rich.

Here are some examples of people who suddenly become rich because of unintended events.

1. George De Mestral: Velcro

Mestral was a Swiss engineer nationality. On a sunny morning, he walked through the countryside. On his way he had trouble when I had to take off his clothes dried on a thistle flower.

He also thought that it might be a useful finding. amenggunakan a microscope, he studied the dried thistles and discover what makes the plant sticky.

With rear blatar scientist has, she also made a product he called Velcro. In late 1950, he began selling the product. In 1970, these products are selling well in the world market today.

2. Percy Spencer: Microwave Oven

Percy Spencer is a scholar of American engineering that is assigned to investigate a machine that can detect enemy aircraft during World War 2 ago.

At the time of his research, he accidentally melt a candy bar in his pocket because the microwaves emitted from the detector plane. He then tried the corn and eggs.

Finally he and his friends realized that it could be used as a tool for cooking. He secured his discovery and patented in 1940. And sales of products sold rose today.

3. Arthur Fry: Post-It Notes

Arthur Fry, an American scientist who on one Sunday in 1973 at a church, found this brilliant idea.

Arthur had an unpleasant moment when he finished the book, and when he wanted to continue to read the next day he forgot to have to continue from page keberapa.

He also imagine if he put a small paper in the page, it will be a better reminder. And because of his imagination that he created a product which ultimately made him wealthy.

4. Joseph McVicker: Play-Doh

You know, the toys 'evening' color is usually used as a children's toy? In 1952, a man named Joseph McVicker was just an ordinary employee who works at a company called Kutol.

One day, the woman's sister-in-law initiated an idea. The sister collects toxic cleaning fluid in place worked. Joseph also see this as a business opportunity to make money.

He also gave the dye into a dough kneading it interesting. Some time after that, Joseph set up a company and a profit of millions of dollars.

5. Robert Chesebrough: Vaseline

Robert Chese Brough 22 years old when he decided to work in the oil industry. One day, in an oil well, she finds a liquid oil that is usually referred to as one of the candles.

But he saw that the material can heal wounds in human skin. Entrepreneurial soul encourages him to take the material home and study it.

After some trial and error, he managed to extract petroleum jelly which ended up being an early form of Vaseline. In 1880, Robert suddenly rich after he sold his invention that.

6. Leo Hendrik Baekeland: Bakelite

In 1907, a Belgian chemist named Leo Baekeland discovered polymer Bakelite. These polymers are important materials for kitchen appliances, radio and telephone.

He accidentally found it while planning to make a replacement lacquer (wood coatings), but failed. He also tried heating elements that failed in an iron pot and did not think he had invented Bakelite.

In 1910, he established company in the field of kitchen equipment and does not require a long time to get millions of dollars in profit.

7. Roy Plunkett: Teflon

Roy Plunkett was an American scientist who in 1938 accidentally discovered that Freon is left alone to harden and change color like white candles.

But rather than throw it away, he decided to investigate and discovered that the material contains anything unusual.

In 1945, he gave the idea trademarks and within a few years the company earn billions of dollars in profit. He declared his retirement in 1975.

8. William Henry Perkin: Mauveine

Henry Perkin was a British chemist who discovered Mauveine, the first synthetic dye, when she was 18 years old. He found dye by mistake while trying to produce a cure for malaria.

Not long after that, he patented the manufacturing process, and a year later he built a factory called Greenford Green.

He started his business by selling dyes and quite popular. At the end of 1860, Mauveine has spread throughout the country and William became a millionaire before the age of 36 years.

He then sold the company to purchase a laboratory to conduct other research.

9. Harry Coover: Super Glue

The funniest thing behind the discovery of the world's most popular super glue is actually the glue that is made because of the failure of an experiment conducted by a chemist named Harry Coover.

At first, he was experimenting to make a gun sight (sight glass on the arms) are made of plastic using chemical cyanoacrylate.

But the experiment failed miserably and ended up being a super-powered glue called 'Super Glue'. This product became very popular and in demand in the market and sold more than 2 billion products until now. This is arguably the most profitable ever.

10. Frank Epperson: Popsicle

In 1905, a boy named Frank Epperson accidentally put a mixture of powdered soda and water with a small stick in a glass.

He did not know if it is the beginning of the discovery of ice lollipops. However, only in 1923, he realized the incident became an idea.

At first, Frank opened a shop selling drinks and ice lollipops which was then called "Eppsicles". Furthermore, the ice is changing names and patented by the company Popsicle. In 1928, the Popsicle sales of more than 60 million packs around the world.


Accidental Invention Makes Rich inventor