Monday, October 29, 2012

An Object Caught While Filling Fuel from the Sun

An Object Caught While Filling Fuel from the Sun: Scientists speculate if our sun could serve as fuel stations. The speculation comes after NASA telescope managed to capture a rare occurrence where a space object refuel from the sun.

NASA Telescope captures image of a planet-sized dark object crossing objects such as the sun and a hose extending from the visible object in the direction of the sun.

This object is then immersed in sunlight then disappeared into the dark space. Video recorded by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory shows that the dark object is a dead star, stars that no longer emit light due to run out of fuel.

When passing through the sun, the stars die is too dark because the temperature is cooler than the bursts of the solar corona. Gravity dying star makes the mass of the sun drawn in part, so it looks like an elongated tube.

Successfully captured the rare event that this camera makes the emergence of a new theory that the star was dead can live again after filling enough fuel taken from another star.

Here's the video:


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