Thursday, October 11, 2012

Apparently There Mushrooms Can Save the Memory and Analyzing Problems

Apparently There Mushrooms Can Save the Memory and Analyzing Problems: Previously, in the 50's there was a science fiction movie that makes plants slime mold as a character who can think and analyze problems quickly.

Recent studies show that the slime mold is a single-celled organism that stupid, but it has a memory like a human brain.

Scientists at the University of Sydney reveals that the slime mold Physarum polycephalum called biology can remember they have been through the area.

The scientists began predicting that slime molds use "spatial memory externalized" to navigate gerakkannya direction. "Leaving a trail of slime fungus slime everywhere he goes, with it then it can detect and identify areas that have gone through," said biologist Chris Reid.

To test this theory, researchers placed Physarum in a U-shaped trap. On the surface booby, a result 96 percent of the specimens were able through the trap to find a solution of sugar (goal) before the time limit of 120 hours.

However, when the trap is coated with mucus, it can not distinguish the specimen confused their own trail, only a third of the organisms reach the goal before the time limit, and even then spent ten times longer.

The research team also found that Physarum can recognize and react to the road left by other species of slime molds.

Reid said externalized spatial memory can be used by primitive organisms to solve the same kind of problem with the human brain.

Previous research has shown that slime molds can solve a maze and anticipate periodic events.

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