Creation of First Human Origins

Creation of First Human Origins: Creation of Adam is the story of the creation of the first man. Adam is reported as one of God's creation of the most controversial or most touted by other creatures of God. The events narrated in the Qur'an.

When God said to the angels: "I will create a vicegerent on earth. They ask (about the wisdom of God's ordinances, saying): Are You (O Allah) to make the earth one who will make mischief therein and shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee?.

He said: Surely I know that which ye know not. "(Surat Al-Baqarah: 30)

Creation of the Land

Allah has ordered the angel Gabriel came down to earth to take on part of the land as a material to make Adam.

However, the earth refused to allow his land taken even swear by Allah that they are not willing to hand them over for concern as apprehended by the angels.

Gabriel back after hearing that oath and He was sent and then Archangel Michael Archangel Israfil but both also helpless to do anything about it due to the oath made by the earth.

So, Allah ordered angel Azrael to the task and pressing the earth so that the earth does not reject even swear because the task is carried out on the order and the name of the Lord.

So, Azrael down to earth and say that his coming is on the order of Allah and his message to the world not to dispute that allows the earth to disobey God.

According to Ibn Abbas, earth and heaven land used to be used to create Adam. The land is:

1. Land Jerusalem (Palestine) - head as a glory to put brains and common sense.

2. Hill land Sinai (Egypt) - ears as listening and taking advice.

3. Land Iraq - forehead as praying to Allah.

4. Lands of Aden (Yemen) - as a decorative face and beauty.

5. Land of Al-Kautsar well - eye as eye-catching.

6. Holy Land Kautsar - teeth as a smooth-sweet.

7. Land Temple (Mecca) - the right hand as a living and working place.

8. Land Paris (France) - as a member of the left hand to do istinjak.

9. Land of Khorasan (Iran) - as a hungry stomach.

10. Land of Babylon (Iraq) - double the sex organs and lust and temptations of the devil.

11. Land Sinai (Egypt) - the reinforcement of human bone.

12. Ground India - foot as a member of standing and walking.

13. Land of Paradise (Paradise) - liver as confidence, faith, and desire.

14. Land Taif (Saudi Arabia) - tongue as a place to say the shahada, and prayers of thanksgiving.


Adam's body has nine cavities or pores. Seven ports in the head and two in the body that is two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, a mouth, an anus and a urethra.

Five senses comes with certain members such as eye to sight, ears for hearing, nose for the detection of smell, tongue to flavors such as sour, salty, sweet and bitter, and skin to feel for heat, cold, pressure, viscosity and pain.

When God created Adam's body, soil is mixed with fresh water, salty and rancid with fire and wind. Then Allah Nur resapkan into Adam's body with a variety of "nature".

Then Adam's body gripped Jabarut fist and placed in Environment Malakut. The land is mixed again with the term fragrances and ingredients from nature Nur Allah and dirasmi with "Bahrul Uluhiyah".

Then, the body is immersed in a "Kudral 'Great" that is the nature of "Road and Jammal" then perfected body.

The time of the creation of man is not mentioned how long even by any means whatsoever calculation as in the Quran: "Would not have gone to man a period of time (the left), and he (still not yet exist and) not be a thing called- call ... "(Surat Al Insaan: 1)

According to the evidence scholar, Adam's body shrouded in a tempo of 120 years, 40 years on dry land, 40 years in the wet ground and 40 years in the land of dark and smelly.

From there, God changed Adam's body with the glory and tertutuplah from the appearance is the reality. Since this process is through the creation of "dirty", no wonder the angels and Satan will underestimate the human scene was created from clay.

Entry of the Spirit

God commanded Spirit to enter the body of Adam, but like other beings, spirit as well refuses, lazy and shy because of a body like a rock. It is said the spirit hovering around the body of Adam, witnessed angels.

Then, Allah ordered angel Azrael compel the soul enters the body into the body of Adam. It put them in body and spirit slowly penetrated into his head that took 200 years.

Once diffused into the head of Adam, then berfungsilah brain and nerve tersusunlah properly.

Then, there was and continues to open eyes that are still hard to see her body and the angels around him.

Ear begins to work and heard the angels rosary sentence. When the spirits come to the nose, he sneezed and his mouth open as well.

God taught the phrase, "Thank God," which is the first sentence uttered Adam and God himself who responded.

Then the spirit came into Adam's chest past her desire to get up when the ground was hard as a stone. When it is shown that human nature in a hurry.

When the soul reaches the stomach, the abdominal organs and organized perfectly and then Adam began to feel hungry. Finally, the spirit permeates throughout Adam's body, hands and feet and perfectly berfungsilah all flesh and blood, bones, nerves and skin.

According to history, very good cuticle was then compared to human skin color now and can still be seen in the nail as a reminder of their descendants.

With the already completed a first human creation and Adam called "Abul Basyar" namely Mr. Man. However, only the Prophet of the title "Abul Spirit" or "Abul My late" Father of Spirits ie.


Creation of First Human Origins