Is There Evidence of Tarzan story in Real Life?

Is There Evidence of Tarzan story in Real Life?:
The story of Tarzan is so popular world wide. Protective wilderness was told growing up in the care of a family of monkeys. Why should this be the case, a human baby raised by holding wild animals in the woods? By reason, surely just a figment. Human baby could not survive in the jungle full of wild animals.

But it turns out there is a unique story as Tarzan happen for real. Amazingly, this jungle man is a woman named Marina Chapman. He claimed to have spent his childhood in the Colombian jungle with monkey family.

As a child, Marina was kidnapped and abandoned in the woods by the kidnappers. Lucky he was rescued and cared for by a family of monkeys. He taught catch rabbits and birds with bare hands. Until a hunter found her. The hunter then sold to a brothel in the city of Cucuta, Colombia. Fortunate Marina managed to escape and spent many years of his life on the streets.

But fate either. There is a Colombian family that hired her as a housekeeper. He was treated well and are considered family. At the age of approximately half a century, he was invited to visit with neighbors Bradford employer.

It was there that he found his soul mate. The man's name was John Chapman, an expert on the bacteria. Minimum time was just 29 years old. Soon the couple were married in the church where they met in Bradford. In 1977 they were married.

Marina, now a housewife told a story that was published in DigitalSpy.


Is There Evidence of Tarzan story in Real Life?