Look out! These Signs of Suicide People Want

Look out! These Signs of Suicide People Want: Suicidal ideation does not appear suddenly granted. Generally, before deciding to commit suicide, evil desire was preceded by the emergence of depression. There are some signs that can be recognized from desperate people who commit suicide.

Unfortunately, the trend of depression has increased lately. The reason could be due to environmental stress. Nevertheless, the signs of depression are beginning to show signs still need to watch out wrong.

As quoted from the site epigee.org mental health, some signs of suicidal people that could occur are:

1. Talk about death
Talk about wanting to disappear, jump, shoot yourself or expression of self harm.

2. Just lost
Death, divorce, break up with a girlfriend or a job loss, it could lead to suicidal thoughts or attempted suicide. Losing more can signal suicide include the loss of religious faith and the loss of interest in someone or to activities previously enjoyed.

3. Changes in personality
A person may show signs of fatigue, doubt or anxiety are not uncommon.

4. Changes in behavior
Lack of concentration at work, school or daily activities, such as housework.

5. Changes in sleep patterns
Excessive sleep, insomnia and other sleep disorders types can be signs and symptoms of suicide.

6. Changes in eating habits
Loss of appetite or increased appetite. Other changes may include adding or weight loss.

7. Decreased sexual interest
Such changes may include impotence, delay or irregularity of menstruation.

8. Low self-esteem
Symptoms of suicide can be demonstrated through emotions such as embarrassment, low self-esteem or self-hatred.

9. Fear of losing control or
Someone worried about losing his soul and worry endanger themselves or others.

10. Lack of hope for the future
Another sign of suicidal person feels that there is no hope for the future and all the things will never get better.

Some other signs of suicide include attempted suicide, a history of drug or alcohol abuse, excessive spending, hyperactivity, restlessness and lethargy.

What to do?

If you or someone you know is showing symptoms of suicidal above, seek help. If you are planning to commit suicide, seek immediate help by performing the following steps:

1. Talk to a loved one
Go up to your loved ones and tell him about what you are experiencing and feeling.

2. Find expert help
Talk to a counselor, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, family doctor or visit a suicide prevention center and an emergency, talk to experts is an important step to recovery.

Know that help is there and if it feels right now probably feels there is no hope, you are not alone in your struggle.

If someone you know is showing signs of suicide or have you believe about their suicidal thoughts, follow one or more of the following measures:

1. Never swear to secrecy a suicidal friend
When a friend, family or your loved one say they want to kill themselves they will require you to keep the secret.

According to experts it is precisely the wrong attitude, it is friends, family or your loved one may feel betrayed if you tell others about wanting to kill himself.

But doing nothing will only put his life in danger. Tell the therapist or doctor immediately about the situation or your friends are.

2. Take action
Keep away from all drugs or dangerous objects from your temah home, such as pills, poison, knives or firearms.

3. Be honest
Talk openly to your friend about her behavior. Do not judge or lecture. If you trust your friends, pretending to be shocked at keingininannya commit suicide will only lead to more isolation for him.


Look out! These Signs of Suicide People Want