Meditations, Imitate Nature 5 Pencil In Your Life

Meditations, Imitate Nature 5 Pencil In Your Life: A child asked his grandmother who was writing a letter, "Grandma again writing about our experience huh? Or about me?"

Hearing the question grandson, the grandmother stopped writing and said to his grandson, "Actually grandma is writing about you, but nothing is more important than the content of this paper is that Grandma used pencils. Grandmother hope you can replicate this pencil when you grow up," said the old woman again.

Hearing this answer, the granddaughter later saw pencil and asked to return to her grandmother when she saw nothing special about a grandmother wearing a pencil. "But Grandma, it looks like a pencil with a pencil that would be something else," said the grandson.

The grandmother then said, "It all depends on how you look at this pencil. Pencils has a five qualities that make you always quiet in life, if you always hold these principles in life." The grandmother then describes five qualities of a pencil.

"First, pencils remind you that you can do great things in life. Withdrawal a pencil when writing, you do not ever forget that there is always a hand guiding your steps in life. We call God. He will always guide us according to His will . "

"Secondly, in the process of writing, she sometimes several times to stop and use the pencil sharpener to sharpen return grandmother. Sharpener This will definitely make the pencil suffer."

"But after the sharpening process is complete, the pencil will get the sharpness back. So also with you, in this life you must have the courage to accept suffering and distress, as they will make you a better person."

"Third, the pencil is always giving us the opportunity to use an eraser to correct the wrong words. Therefore correct our mistakes in life, not a bad thing. Was able to help us to stay on the right path."

"Fourth, the most important part of a pencil is not its exterior, but charcoal is in a pencil. Therefore, always be careful and aware of the things in you."

"Fifth, a pencil always leaves marks / scratches. As well as you, you should be aware of, whatever you do in life, will certainly leave an impression. Therefore Always be cautious and aware of all the action."


Meditations, Imitate Nature 5 Pencil In Your Life