Men's Walking Up For Hajj 6000 Km

Men's Walking Up For Hajj 6000 Km:
The intention is strengthened by faith in Allah SWT can indeed overcome all obstacles whatsoever. This is evidenced Hadzic, a mature man (47) from Bosnia. Money he had only 200 euro, but it did not hinder his intention to perform Hajj.

"I want to hajj but I do not have enough money, I just took 200 euro to walk towards Saudi Arabia," he said as quoted by Emirates. So with determination, Hadzic start the journey from his hometown Banovici, in northern Bosnia in December. He runs along more than 5900 km from Bosnia to Mecca. Within a day he was able menemuh said 12 to 20 miles. Turkey, Jordan and Syria are some countries that have visited before entering Saudi Arabia.

Hadzic only armed with a backpack containing the Qur'an and money 200 euros. During the trip he slept in mosques, schools, and other places, including the homes of local people who wish to help him.

Walking along the central Asia towards Arabs must take full area of ​​wild animals and turmoil of war. In fact it did not dampen step Hadzic.

"Why be afraid, God is always with me," he assured full. And it is true, now Hadzic was in Mecca along with millions of other people ready to answer the call of Allah Almighty, "Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik. Labbaik, La Shareek Laka, Labbaik. Innal Hamdah, Wan Nematah, Laka wal Mulk, La Shareek Laka Labbaik. "


Men's Walking Up For Hajj 6000 Km