Noc, Beluga Whales Can Speak Like a Human

Noc, Beluga Whales Can Speak Like a Human: The results are surprising the world, which is about a white whale. Some scientists have concluded white whale has the ability to mimic human speech.

The present invention includes a world first study. Therefore, the researchers are now more motivated to analyze other types of whales, whether they have the same capabilities as the white whale.

This white whale has another name, namely whales Beluga. White whale is easy to recognize by color and size, as well as the ability to babble like a bird.

In fact most of the population of Europe dubbed the "canaries of the sea". Beluga whales are a fraction of the species of whales in the ocean. In 1984, the scientist in charge of the National Marine Mammal Foundation in San Diego began to listen to sounds unnatural from the whales and dolphins if repeated.

Sound like two people talking at a distance. But the voice is still heard faintly by scientists.

Then the researchers suspect the strange noise coming from the male white whale, named Noc. At one time there was a diver who suddenly came out and said: "Who told me to get out?"

From these events the researchers conclude that human-like sound comes from Noc.

Here's a video Noc speak like humans.

Noc is one of the white whale in the pool foundation, so naturally when he heard a human voice every day. And these factors are believed by researchers encourage Noc can imitate human speech.

An anecdotal report says that in a few years ago met the pope sound like a human voice. For example, in the Vancouver Aquarium, a caretaker claims to have listened to mention his own white whale, the "Lagosi".

In a more stringent test to see Noc ability to mimic human speech, the scientists presented Noc with snacks when he managed to make those sounds. Apparently this gift motivates Noc to make the sound more often than before.

A researcher at the National Marine Mammal Foundation, Sam Ridway expressed his admiration for the achievements Noc. And his voice is very similar to the human voice is not like any other normal whales.

Noc would occasionally imitate the human voice around four years after she was an adult. But he remained vocal to sound like a man in another way, in the rest of his life for 30 years.

Noc died five years ago. Beluga whales are often bred in this foundation, and researchers continue to search for the possibility of other whales to sound like a human. The guards are expected to remain vigilant because any time there Noc next generation.


Noc, Beluga Whales Can Speak Like a Human