Often Acid Rain Down on It Worst polluted city

Often Acid Rain Down on It Worst polluted city: Karabash is a small town in Chelyabinsk region, Russia. A city of 15 thousand people crowded since it began in 1822, after the miners discovered gold deposits in the region.

At the beginning of the 20th century, miners also began digging copper from the earth. Unfortunately, after decades of drained beans and the established copper smelting plant, the town was later changed to the ecological emergency.

As quoted from EnglishRussia, every year, the factory was issued a 180 tons of gas which then falls to the earth in the form of acid rain in the surrounding region. As evidence of the severity of pollution and acid rain, the mountains around Karabash stripped of all trees.

Karabash city itself is very dusty, people often experience respiratory problems. Tumors, eczema, kidney stones, dementia, abnormal growth, and cerebral palsy is a common disease.

On the river flowing in the city, the concentration of iron to 500 times higher than average. There are no plants that can live within 100 meters of the river.

Although ecological conditions in Karabash has improved, treatment facilities have started construction, but the condition of the area is still far from normal.

Gas and smoke coming out of the copper smelting process continues exhaled. Though it never filtered emission before. Mounds of waste plant material also reaches more than 50 meters high.

With acid rain which fell constantly, almost all dead vegetation. Monsoon rains also washed away soil and mountains turn into boulders.

The end of 1989, the factory in Karabash stopped because the ecological situation is getting worse. One fifth of the population lost their jobs and the city was undergoing a period of crisis. But the increase in problems due to socioeconomic making production plant in the city back in effect in 1998.


Often Acid Rain Down on It Worst polluted city