Plaque!!! Want Younger? Often Should Slapped, deh

Plaque!!! Want Younger? Often Should Slapped, deh: Believe it or not, slapping his face so an alternative method in the world of beauty. People who will reportedly slapped more youthful as facial wrinkles reduced.

Slapping his face is one of the beauty techniques practiced at Tata Massage parlor in San Francisco. The technique is believed to eliminate wrinkles, minimize pores, and make the face look sleep.

Mawan Sombuntham, owner of Massage Tata, Tata claims that she can make the face look beautiful with a slap.

"He did it to me and I could immediately see the difference," said Smbuntham the NY Daily News.

How to slap that made Tata?

Using hands, Tata would slap the cheeks, forehead, and beard customers then see a change in their faces.

"This technique has been around for 100 years," said Sombuntham. "The problem is not everyone can learn because the teacher (who taught this technique) is very selective when choosing students. He will only teach this technique in 10 children during his lifetime."

Thanks to his knowledge of his wife, the couple finally opened a beauty salon "Tata Massage 'first offering technical slapped in the face Hemisphere. The other place is in Thailand, where Tata tamparannya.Pelanggan learn techniques should only pay $ 350 (about USD 3.3 million).

In fact, there are more secrets to be developed Tata beauty and her husband. After the slap facial beauty methods, Tata will kembai learning to deepen science teacher spanking.

"This is the science of wisdom Thailand," said Sombuntham. "Hitting and slapping will make shapely ass."


Plaque!!! Want Younger? Often Should Slapped, deh