Rarest of species: Headless Beetle?

Rarest of species: Headless Beetle?:
Ross Winton, a former student of entomology at Montana State University is doing research in southeastern Montana. Suddenly he was surprised menemkan small insect, a beetle run even without a head.

Winton immediately conduct further research. Apparently these beetles have the privilege, which can hide like a turtle's head. Ladybug, or koksi beetle is thought to be the rarest insect in the world.


"Smaller species is known only from two of them alone, one male and one female. Due to this, the insect is qualified to be the most endangered species in the Amer ika States (U.S.)," said an entomologist at Montana State University and former adviser Winton Michael Ivie.

Currently adding Winton is curious, to investigate biological koksi. Moreover, the only insect that can pull this kind of head into the body. But it may have to wait until it was discovered another koksi before Winton decided to take a scalpel to figure out the anatomy of the koksi.

"This species is not very common due to their small size, unique habitat and scarcity. Yet the fact that the beetle was hiding the head into the neck to make biology a mystery," said Winton.

Source: Live Science

Rarest of species: Headless Beetle?