Want Nyate? Try this order Soft Meat

Want Nyate? Try this order Soft Meat:
Eid al-Adha, or Feast of Sacrifice is identical to the sate. Usually, the night after slaughter, the smell of satay will smell in many places. While this is indeed a blessing to get together with friends or family.

So that shows nyate the merrier, do not forget to prepare a tender mutton. There are several methods to try.

The first preparation:

Do not wash with water mutton. Because this would make a lot of goat meat (tough). Furthermore, washing with water will not eliminate the odor prengus (typical smell of goat meat). Should flush or rinse with water lime juice.

The next step in order to tender goat meat, can be selected below:

1. The most common use of papaya leaf. Leaves of papaya contain enzymes that can break down meat protein. To be soft, goat meat wrap with papaya leaf crumpled briefly. Then let stand for 10 minutes.

2. Or use young pineapple. Pineapple also has a compound enzymes that can break down proteins in goat meat, making it tender.

First, soften up like pineapple juice. So then smear this pineapple juice to both sides of the meat. However, do not let the meat in pineapple spread too long, a maximum of 10 minutes. Goat meat is too long silenced by the spread pineapple will make the meat becomes too soft.

3. Can also use coconut water. Trick, soak the coconut meat into the water before the fire. In addition to adding soft, coconut water can also reduce bad prengus in goats.

4. Sometimes in an emergency, not available pineapple or papaya. You can also use starch. In the shop or grocery store that sells a lot.

Before the fire, meat skewers that have been greased with a little punctured can of starch. Let stand about 15 minutes, then shake briefly to eliminate wheat kanji before starting burnt satay.

That's the tips that can be tried. Lastly, try to burn as satay, mutton do much exposed to direct flame. Blackened flesh makes it hard. So it is quite exposed to heat coals until meat changes color and mature.


Want Nyate? Try this order Soft Meat