Whales Stranded, Do not Try Eating meat

Whales Stranded, Do not Try Eating meat: When no events are usually the most terdamparnya whales dead, there must be people who troop to just watch and even cut up the meat. Apparently whale carcass meat is not good to eat humans!

Whale meat contains iron and mercury is high. Research has proven the truth of this. As is known, a substance called mercury is nasty substances that harm the body and can stimulate tumor growth. It also led to a nervous breakdown.

Law No. 5 of 1990 also gave the ban is related to a protected animal. It is said that the pope is one of the protected animals so that although the bill dies, people should not eat meat cutting and offhand. Even the bare preserved alone is prohibited.

The best step is to strive for the stranded whales could come back into the sea. If eventually the pope had died in the land, it should be buried or floated out to sea.

Previously it was reported that there are 46 whales tedampar in NTT. Unfortunately, 44 of the stranded whales died because there were rescued. Some of the whales that died rollicking meat cut by local people.

Why whales get stranded?

The cause of the many whales that stranded this time supposedly there are two, namely natural and human factors. Human factors including waste while the natural factor is the movement of tectonic plates which then makes navigating the pope to be fucked.

Because whales are stranded in an area that is a migratory pathway, allegedly there is something that makes these whales drunk. Mine waste in the Timor suspected as the cause terdamparnya whales in large numbers this time.

Typically, natural factors do not make a lot of stranded whales. Therefore, the reason for the waste to be more reasonable. But to be more exact, relevant parties will attempt to examine the causes of the terdamparnya whales in NTT.


Whales Stranded, Do not Try Eating meat