What color shirt disposable Well, Get Protected from UV Radiation?

What color shirt disposable Well, Get Protected from UV Radiation?: Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is known to be one cause of skin cancer. Sunlight is good for health, but not all the light is good. The researchers advised to avoid the sun between the hours of 9 am to 3 pm to avoid the risk of skin cancer.

Skin cancer or melanoma disease is a disease characterized by the growth of skin cells that are not controlled and can damage surrounding tissue and can spread to other body parts.

Early symptoms of skin cancer is easily recognizable and can be cured if found at an early stage. Generally there is a kind of rough skin that itch like a wound in the skin. It usually appears behind the palms, face, ears, neck, lips or forearm.

Traits or symptoms of skin cancer is usually indicated by the spots and bumps on the skin. The skin is also more easily followed bloody itching and pain. If the skin has been showing these symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.

People most susceptible to skin cancer are those aged 40 years and over. Men are also more susceptible to skin cancer than women. As for the race, people with light skin or white colors are more susceptible to skin cancer than those with dark skin.

Every year or melanoma skin cancer cases rising in the U.S. and western countries such as Australia and the UK. The findings, published in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research is expected to be useful for the textile industry and of course to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Scientists from the University in Barcelona Cataluna also mentioned, bright colors such as white and yellow over the risk of skin cancer on someone.

The study, published in the journal Industrial and Engineering Chemistry found the fact that this type of material with a choice of dark colors, it turns out better absorption of sunlight.

"The color and cotton is one of the factors that have a remarkable influence to provide protection against ultraviolet radiation," said Dr Ascension Riva, who led the research.

In their research, the scientists put cotton into three solution are red, blue and yellow. They then measured the ability to absorb UV rays of each material.

The results found that the dark blue color has the highest level of UV absorption, followed by the Color Red Color Yellow, while the low absorption rate.

Dr. Riva hope the results of this study, clothing factories to obtain more information so as to design clothing that can protect themselves from the sun more effectively.

"The research that will be given to the garment factories to improve protection against the sun on the clothes," he said.

The invention is an improvement to bring clothing that can protect the skin from excessive UV radiation. That said, this discovery is a solace, given the effort reduce global warming as a major cause of excess UV radiation as of late.


What color shirt disposable Well, Get Protected from UV Radiation?