Wow, This is the most unique and strange 10 Car in the World

Wow, This is the most unique and strange 10 Car in the World: Cars are sometimes made not only as a regular means of transportation but also as a vehicle that is not unusual either function mapun technology.

The cars look unique and bizarre concept, besides economical and environmentally friendly, it is also used for utilities such extreme for offroad conditions or only to find that sensation only in the list of world records.

1. Terceper Cars in the World Powerful Jet

Terceper car will be entered Guinness Book of Records as the most vehicle aka flat flat world. How flat? This car is a mere 19 inches.

Creator Perry Watkins also pair the jet turbine engine in the back of his car. Either the car is legal or not worn on the streets.

2. Colim: Caravans are Compatible

This vehicle was designed by Christian Susana is the result of cross breeding a car and caravan for camping. The front can be removed-off, if it was not for camping, dam into a car with two passenger seats. Perhaps the strange appearance, but flexibility was amazing.

3. World's Longest Limousines

This limousine total length of 30 meters. Got 26 tires, room for many passengers, heated indoor pool, sunbathing deck, a few beds and a helipad ...!!!

5. Peel 50: World's Smallest Car

This three-wheel car broke the record as the world's smallest car will be produced and ready to weave in a traffic jam on the streets of Britain.

6. Evolution: Mobil Super Economical

Different from economy cars in general, the concept is not as hybird cars, but the weight of just 450 kg.

Its speed reaches 160 km / h with a 2-cylinder turbo diesel engine. The door is unique because it is not located on the sides but uses a front wing door.

7. Eclectic: energy-autonomous vehicle in the First World?

This car is equipped with solar panels and windmills as a source of energy and also a re-plug to charge electrical power because the solar panel and windmill could only take this car as far as 14 miles. According to a press release Venturi, it costs about U.S. $ 31,500 dollars.

8. Thrust SSC: Speeding Up to 750 Miles per Hour

Thrust SSC (Super Sonic Car) is powered by two Rolls Royce turbojet engine 205. Workers who sprayed the equivalent of 145 cars Formula One (F1). It weighs 10 tons and has a maximum speed record 766 miles per jamdi Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA in October 1997.

9. Peugeot Capsule: Tiny Car to Escape

Designers envision Alp Germaner vehicle to escape, but not to be used to escape into space as a concept-fiction films, it will take you to the off-road terrain.

Peugeot Capsule inspired KLR 650 motorcycle is moving with power. Complete with GPS, LCD screen that also functions as a rear mirror, internet connectivity and enough trunk space for a weekend with him.

10. Truck Mattrack: Car Ski

This truck is actually ordinary truck wheels replaced with belts mattrack. The manufacturers' Mattrack "seems to be able to make this kind of vehicles of all 4 × 4 vehicle - from ATVs to trucks weighing 20 tons.

Short belts make Mattrack Truck runs almost everywhere except on snow is too thick or deep. In deep snow, belts longer needed.

Short belt can also be used when crossing the glacier (river snow) are short, while glaciers wide use long belt.


Wow, This is the most unique and strange 10 Car in the World