10 Case of Murder Still A Mystery

10 Case of Murder Still A Mystery:
1. Jack the Ripper

The story of Jack the Ripper so famous because the case was revealed over the centuries, to the novel and the movie made about him. The case occurred in 1868 until 1898, when it was the killing a number of prostitutes in London. How very cruel to kill him, to strangle the victim and cut the artery. Some body parts were also taken so as to make confusion Scotland Yard police looking for clues.

2. Jack The Stripper

It seems the story of Jack the Ripper murders inspired similar in 1964 and 1965. Its location is also in London, his victims were prostitutes. There were six victims reported to the authorities, all found after dumped into the river. No one can unravel the case, so that could be the killer had died bringing the mystery.

3. Olof Palme

Olof Palme, the Swedish Prime Minister was shot dead on 28 February 1986 at home from the cinema. Strong suspicion that he was murdered because of policies related to the nuclear issue. Olof plans to remove all nuclear devices in Sweden. Until now has not been revealed who the mastermind behind the murder Olof. Opponents politiknyakah or Intelligence Agency?

4. New Orleans' Axeman

It started when it was discovered mutilated corpses in New Orleans. The victim was a butcher and his wife were staying at the Maggio grocery store. Murder weapon, bloody ax was found in one corner of the house.

A few months later, a man was found dead in the swimming pool with the same condition. Strangely, the police can not reveal the identity of the killer has to kill a total of 8 dear life.

5. The Dead Boy in the Box

In 1857, the body of a small child was found in a box lying on the road northeast Philadelphia. Its pathetic, her body naked and covered in bruises. Local people are very upset over this incident. But no one can do the authorities find the killer.

6. Oscar Romero

Oscar Romero was a Catholic priest in El Salvador. During his service, he fought to defend human rights as a civil war going on in the country. Even dare to criticize the U.S. government that did not help the people of El Salvador. As a result, Father Romero was killed by a pistol from close range. No one can be sure who the killer is, but the news that he had finished developing the troops "Dead Squad" El Salvador.

7. Black Dahlia

The most famous story of the mutilated corpse in western countries is a case of the "Black Dahlia". The victim was identified as Elizabeth Short, age 22 years. Found on January 15, 1947, and the case is still open until now.

8. Marsinah

It happened on May 9, 1993, while the body of Marsinah who previously had to Kodim Sidoarjo protest over the arrest of his colleagues, was found lying in a hut near the rice field teak forests, Jegong Hamlet, Village wilaryin, Nganjuk, East Java.

Known in advance, Marsinah actively involved in labor strikes PT Catur Putra Surya, a watch company. The arrest of a number of staff the company is believed to be the killer be raw back after developing a new witness, that there is involvement of the military.

9. Eight Journalists

Similar to the case Marsinah murder against Muhammad Fuad Syarifudin aka Udin, Yogyakarta Bernas Daily reporter, in August 1996 had not yet been revealed. Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) warned police to uncover the perpetrators Udin, considering the case threatened expired on August 16, 2014, so it could not be prosecuted.

Unfortunately Udin not be the last. Until now there are 8 records AJI journalists who died in service coverage. But until now the case has not been revealed by police. Eight names were, Naimullah (Morning Light), Agus Mulyawan (Asia Press), Muhammad Jamaluddin (TVRI), Ersa Siregar (RCTI), Herliyanto (Freelance journalist Tabloid Delta, Sidoarjo), Adriansyah Matra'is Wibisono (local TV journalist Merauke), Alfred Mirulewan (Tabloid Rainbow), and Fuad Muhammad Syarifuddin (Bernas).

10. Munir

Munir Said Thalib an Indonesian human rights activist. Last position was Executive Director of the Human Rights Monitoring Institute Indonesia Imparsial. Contrast Council while serving as a fighter named soar for missing persons who were abducted at that time.

Rights hero was found dead due to toxic arsenic compounds in the drink on the way to the Netherlands with Garuda GA 974.

Munir Said Thalib S2 will continue the study of humanitarian law at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. At 21:30 pm Departure. Through loudspeakers, all passengers Garuda Indonesia flight number GA 974 destination Amsterdam airport officials are welcome to board the plane.

Pollycarpus, airline pilot as a murderer sentenced to 14 years on December 20, 2005. The judge stated that Pollycarpus, a Garuda pilot who was on leave, put arsenic in Munir food, because he wanted to silence government critics.

Incidentally, Judge Cicut Sutiarso stated that prior to the murder Pollycarpus received several phone calls from a phone registered to a senior intelligence officer. Therefore, on June 19, 2008 Maj. Gen. (ret) Muchdi PR being arrested on suspicion of murder Munir brain. Strange, on December 31, 2008, acquitted Muchdi. So the Munir case is still a puzzle.

10 Case of Murder Still A Mystery