20 Year Splitting Hill For the Love

20 Year Splitting Hill For the Love: An epic true story of a man shown in India. Because he worked selflessly, not for the nickname 'he...

20 Year Splitting Hill For the Love:
An epic true story of a man shown in India. Because he worked selflessly, not for the nickname 'hero', not complain one bit when no one is helping. Importantly, many people can benefit from their work. Here's the story.

Dashrath Manjhi living in a remote village and isolated from other areas. This is because the location of the village which is surrounded by steep rocky hills. There are no schools, markets, hospitals, and places of other public facilities in the village. So to all different places, the inhabitants had to climb and downhill so far.

It is often the local residents expressed their concerns to the government, the residents asked that the road be built in their village. But the demand was futile, the government was never granted it. Perhaps because of the difficulty of geographical structure in the village.

Various independent business conducted villagers try to open a new path, but all failed. Until finally one Dashrath Manjhi take the initiative and start doing my level of "Hercules".

Dashrath Manjhi spent the past 20 years to make way for he and all the villagers ask the government.
Capitalize improvised tools such as chisels, Dashrath Manjhi managed to split the rock into two parts.

The road is a hill formed from splitting wide enough to be able to pass the motorcycle and carts transporting goods.

What makes Dashrath Manjhi capable of doing a very tough job for the past 20 years?

He said that, his love for his wife who had given him the strength to start this heavy work, although he is no longer alive to witness the results of his labors.

"My wife, Faguni Devi, fell and seriously injured while crossing this hill. At that time he intends to bring drinking water to me. I work in a farm located in the hills behind it. That is the day I decided to sculpt a hill and a road menjadikanya . " Dashrath Manjhi said.

Dashrath Manjhi's wife died after falling ill and was taken to the hospital given the difficulty of the journey must be traveled between their villages Hospital.

"My love for my wife is the initial spark that lit the fire has been my desire to carve this path. However desire to see thousands of villagers across the hills whenever they want, make me able to work for years without any fear and worry."

He also said that when I first started this work, he was alone. "In the beginning most of the villagers mock what I do, but eventually they started supporting me. Someone gave food, there is also a buy equipment for my work."

"What I do is for everyone. When God be with you, no one can stop you. I'm not afraid of the punishment imposed by the government on this job, just as I also do not expect any reward from the government, said Dashrath Manjhi.

Ironically, Dashrath Manjhi did not receive any recognition from the Government, even when he died in 2007, he only received a state funeral arrangement, nothing more.

Love is able to cleave the mountain. Love also can make the earth a better place for all beings.