4 People Confessing Have Up Time Machine

4 People Confessing Have Up Time Machine:
Going through time into the future or the past a dream of every person. Who would not want to change the failure in the present when it can be prevented in the past? Or, like what the state of the world in the future?

Various science fiction movie too much to lift the human dream. For instance Back to the Future and Terminator are so well known. The question is, is it possible people to travel through time? 4 people below claimed to have done.
1. Andrew D. Basiago

Basiago is a lawyer who is also a member of MENSA. He claimed he had to go with a time machine. According to him, in the 60's and 70's the U.S. military makes a secret project "Project Pegasus". And Basiago chosen to go exploring in the time machine was created.

Basiago adventure up into the 1 million BC to see the dinosaurs. Then go to the year 2045 take important microfilm. He also claimed to have picked Barack Obama while still in school.

All sounds like a laughable fiction. Curiously, in one way time Basiago admitted to the early days of the United States and met Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg address associated with. Such evidence he recorded with the camera. Just look at the picture below.

William Stillings

If there is Batman, there's Robin. Well, the role of William Stillings can be regarded as 'Robin' to Andrew Basiago.

Stillings admitted with Basiago enrolled in the program's 80-year DARPAdi. They both then sent to the planet Mars with a special machine that can 'jump' so quickly. Simply, you have to watch the movie Jumper? That's about, go to another place in the blink of an eye.

Recognition Stillings surfaced in September 2011 ago. According to him, after thirty years later he and Basiago reunions, and share memories through time together.

Apparently not only the two of them were 'never' go to Mars. There are still 100 thousand others who joined DARPA program. The problem is, the CIA use of certain drugs can erase their memory. Wow, so like the film Men In Black ...

3. John Titor

Early in 2000 the internet uproar by the recognition of John Titor who claims to come from the future. According to Titor, he was an American soldier from the year 2036 who returned today to take the old IBM computer having to debug a program that is not a problem in the future.

Titor said that in the year 2015 will be World War III. Russia will launch a nuclear attack against the United States, China and Europe. He also had warned of civil war in the United States in 2008 as had happened before. In fact, speech Titor unproven.

4. James Burda

Before discussing James Burda, we need to know first about the chiropractor. That is included in alternative medicine, which concentrates the therapeutic healing problems of the spine, joints, and soft tissues.

Back to the story of James Burda, he claimed to have expertise chiropactor and can cure all diseases with the power obtained: from the passage of time.

Burda not only can cure someone, he can look further into the cause when the patient suffered injury. In this way, Burda can choose the best method to cure the patient. Not only that, he can heal the patient from a distance without the need to meet.

Recognition Burda Chiropactors opposed by the Council in Ohio, and practice permit was revoked. Although there are claims that nine out of ten patients are satisfied with the service.


4 People Confessing Have Up Time Machine