7 Strange Aircraft Design Ever There

7 Strange Aircraft Design Ever There:
The VZ-9AV Avrocar

This is evidence of humans could make flying saucers, at least almost succeeded. Yes, The Avrocar projects developed in the 1950's by a Canadian. The goal is to help the United States are entering the phase of the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Designer Avrocar is Jack Frost, who test-flew from November 1959 to finally retired in 1961.

The Pregnant Guppy

Developed by Aero Spacelines as cargo plane that aims to bring the components of the Apollo flight to the moon. Similar forms of cargo aircraft pregnant guppy fish have made them look ridiculous.

The Pregnant Guppy is actually a combination of other aircraft parts, such as the elderly and the Pan Am Boeing 377. Had operated from 1963 to 1979.


AD-1, or the Ames-Dryden-1, developed by NASA aircraft development program in 1979. What makes this strange aircraft as lopsided wings.

The wings can actually be shifted from 0 degrees to 60 degrees during flight so it looks lopsided. Its function is to increase the speed of the aircraft. Could be tested as many as 79 times, but no further explanation of why the plane was not used back then.

The Flying Pancake

The Vought V-173, also known as the Flying Pancake, is an experimental test aircraft built during World War II. Time to do the test flight since November 1942 until retired five years later.

Wings are weird shapes - nicknamed so as pancakes - enables these aircraft can take off and land without a runway length.

The Northtrop Tacit Blue

This is the first aircraft designed shape with square corners alias is not aerodynamic. Developed in the early 1980s and began flying in 1982. Only operates for 250 hours of flying before finally retiring in 1985.

The Kalinin K-7

K-7 is a project of the Soviet Union in the 1930's. Kalinin designer, because that plane is named after him. The story is really na'as plane. The only aircraft that made it did not allow for a smooth flight, even at the last test flight killing 14 people on board including one pengujui on the runway. As a result, Kalinin was executed and declared by Stalin as an enemy of the state.

The Spruce Goose

The Spruce Goose is arguably the most famous aircraft in history, designed by Howard Hughes. Name this plane actually Hughes H-4 Hercules.

The aircraft is made from wood because of wartime restrictions, designed as a heavy transport aircraft to carry personnel and logistics of war to England during World War II. After all, the plan did not happen because of the new Spruce Goose flown one time in 1947. That is, the war had passed.


7 Strange Aircraft Design Ever There
  1. The design of the Flying Pancake seemed to derive from a fish which is very common in Asia Pacific. Thanks for these fascinating facts!

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