Be Useful During Seniors like Banana

Be Useful During Seniors like Banana:
Banana trees, as members of the family Musaceae numerous in the tropics. All parts of this plant can be used. Starting from the leaves to wrap food, midrib to craft items, to fruit for consumption.

Banana trees as well as a philosophical benefits for human guru. It took more than 5 months so that we can enjoy the benefits of a banana. But long before bearing fruit, banana trees have been useful since the small size, the use of leaves for growers.

Banana own popularity because it can be found throughout the season without knowing the time. The rainy season or dry season, the level of adaptation to make banana fruit throughout the year. Trees will only die after bearing fruit.

In some species, the stem has been cut will grow new stems on the center ring. Young shoots will appear around the main tree, new shoots are identical to the main tree. Even when he has decayed, in the hands of creative people, banana weevil later processed into foods like chips innovation.

Similarly, humans, should be useful like a banana tree. Since young, men would be useful as a banana leaf. Providing effective and works for his parents, though it has not reached the age.

When mature, the nature of this work should be carried out continuously throughout the year for the community in which he is. Of course with unyielding prerequisite before he gave something to someone else.

In connection with the shoots that grow around it, like a man who has grown up, he spread science and nature in young men. Humans excel berbibit will certainly provide superior shoots well in its environment.

When a man goes after death, as the saying goes, 'a man dies leaving a name'. For people who have services and works, he will be remembered and all thoughts would be beneficial for those who can take advantage of.

Have we worked and handy like a banana tree?


Be Useful During Seniors like Banana