Monday, November 19, 2012

HandSteady: the World's First Glasses The handle can Spins

HandSteady: the World's First Glasses The handle can Spins: During your life, how often do you spill a drink in the glass due to any position in the hold? Especially for people who have health problems (such as Parkinson's) so it holds something like out of balance (shaking).

HandSteady is the first in the world's first glasses that can handle rotates so that the glass remains in the flat position.

With a rotating handle this, anyone who holds a glass HandStedy can more freely without having to worry that hold the water in it will spill.

Besides being very useful for people with Parkinson's or other HandSteady also makes us more comfortable when using a glass to drink it, let me see the video more clearly.

The handle itself is quite comfortable to hold because it is designed to be able to fit 4 adults fingers to be able to hold it properly.

Chris Peacock as the creator HandSteady glass was inspired by one family member suffering from Parkinson's disease. HandSteady scheduled to be sold at a price of U.S. $ 64.


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