Language What's Most Used?

Language What's Most Used?:
Did you know there are about 6900 languages ​​in the world, according to SIL International's Ethnologue? Of the many languages, only some of which entered the list of the most widely used.

However, we must distinguish between the list of "language that is widely used as a whole" and a list of "languages ​​spoken by native speakers." So for the native category, do not be surprised if more than a Javanese Indonesian itself.

Here's the list according Nationalencyklopedin:

1. Mandarin is used by 955 million people, approximately 14.1% of the population
2. Spanish is used by 407 million people, about 5.85% of the population
3. English is used by 359 million people, about 5.52% populasidunia
4. Hindi is used by approximately 4.46% of the population
5. Arabic is used by approximately 4.23% of the population
6. Portuguese used by approximately 3.08% of the population
7. Bengali used by approximately 3.05% of the population
8. Russian is used by approximately 2.42% of the population
9. Japanese used by approximately 1.92% of the population
10. Punjabi is used by approximately 1.44% of the population
11. German used by approximately 1.39% of the population
12 JAVANESE used by approximately 1.25% of the population
13 Wu used by approximately 1.20% of the population. Wu language used in Shanghai, China.
14. MALAY / INDONESIAN used by approximately 1.16% of the population.

While the category "Used the total number of" following list:

1. Chinese standard used by 1.151 billion people
2. English is used by 1 billion people
3. Spanish is used by 500 million people
4. Hindi is used by 490 million people
5. Russian is used by 277 million people
6. Arabic is used by 255 million people
7. Portuguese is used by 240 million people
8. Bengali is used by 215 million people
9 French used by 200 million people
10. Malay / Indonesian is used by 175 million people

Why Malay / Indonesian is not equal to the population of 250 million, not to mention the added coverage of the Malay language in neighboring countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei)? The hypothesis: people in rural areas have all the Indonesian language in daily conversation.

From the list above, we can see just how big a role Mandarin than English / English. Finally, the more people who learn this language. In some African countries that had entered the colonies of France, now more and more are choosing to learn Mandarin, not the French language itself.

Source: wikipedia

Language What's Most Used?