Lost Planet Signs The Apocalypse Near?

Lost Planet Signs The Apocalypse Near?:
Planet X or Nibiru theory, planets orbiting irregular and would come crashing into Earth more widely heard since the discovery in the world of astronomy.

Could the threat is getting closer? No one can answer for sure. Clearly, the existence of the planet "lost" it more and more.

Interesting Facts: Some astronomers suggested that the number of planets "alone" is twice as many stars in our galaxy, astronomers while others say there are about 100,000 times!

What is a planet alone or free floating? It is a planet that wanders alone in space without a parent star. Could it be that such planets exist? According to the definition of extrasolar planets, the existence of planets that wander alone is indeed possible.

Planet rover is a free-floating objects in young star clusters with masses less than the mass of deuterium thermonuclear fusion reactions. At first astronomers still defines this object is not a planet but a sub-brown dwarfs.

Is brown dwarf? Substances that fail to form stars, or simply fail smallest star.

Free-floating planets that wander alone is the object in space without being bound to any star. Actually instances where such planets ever found before. A number of free-floating planet candidate ever found since first recognized in 1990. But in 1990, found an exoplanet is not but a brown dwarf mass limit of planets passing so difficult to ascertain the object is a brown dwarf star the "failed" or planets.

Planet discovery Orphans

In the middle era of the discovery of new planets, astronomers have discovered an object that is named CFBDSIR2149. The name is derived from the acronym Canada-France Brown Dwarfs Survey (CFBDS) a cool brown dwarf hunting project.

CFBDSIR2149 a newly discovered, are thought to be part of the flow of a nearby young star known as AB Doradus moving group. Astronomers have found the object using telescopes Canada-France-Hawaii and the ESO VLT to examine its properties or properties.

AB Doradus moving group is the group closest to the Solar System and a similar group of 30 stars moving together across the sky. All the stars in the AB Doradus moving group formed from the same material at the same time. If the newly discovered object has any connection with the AB Doradus moving group then it is an object that is still young and it is possible for astronomers to know more of the story of the object. Astronomers can determine the temperature, mass and atmospheric constituent CFBDSIR2149 the object.

Statistical analysis of the proper motion position angle CFBDSIR2149 shows changes in the air each year. From this CFBDSIR2149 known that 87% have a relationship with AB Doradus Moving Group.

CFBDSIR2149 allegedly wasted of AB Doradus moving group is estimated to have a mass of about 4-7 Jupiter masses with an effective temperature of 430 ยบ C. He is also thought to be formed 50-120 million years ago with the stars AB Doradus.

Problems will arise if it CFBDSIR2149 not have a relationship with AB Doradus Moving Group, because it would be so much more difficult to determine the origin and all the properties. If so could be classed as the CFBDSIR2149 just a small brown dwarf star. Both scenarios clearly represent an important question how the planets and stars formed and their behavior.

Is there one that looks began to threaten the earth?


Lost Planet Signs The Apocalypse Near?